Bad day!

Well after being on crutches for less than a day they have left me with swollen hands and wrists and in agony. I can't win! Have pulled the muscles in my chest too! So sick of this taking over my life I'm 27 not 90!!!!!! Don't know what to do for the best?? Use the crutches and take the swelling off my knees and cause more damage to my hands or vise versa?!?!still terrified of this ATOS medical on Tuesday and convinced the stress of worrying about it is making my RA worse! Could just sit and cry today. Rant over

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  • Perserve with the crutches, it took a while for me when I first started using them. Were you given a leaflet on how to walk with them, as it shows you the wrong way and the correct way of using them.

    Good Luck for Tuesday and try not to worry too much, as you say this is causing your RA to flare more. xx

  • Like georje has said persevere with them,they are hard to get to grips with. It will be in your favour when you have the atos meeting on tuesday. I think we all feel 90 at times and i am sorry you have it soo young,but my feeling is that we are only given what god knows we can cope with and only the strongest of us could go through what we have to. I am sending you a sylvi

  • Thanku for ur support. I really can't handle the crutches today my hand and wrist is so swollen and angony I scream opening a door. Just going to rest today xxx

  • Oh Becky i feel for you its rotten feeling horrid the whole time. I hope the sun is out were you are it is here. Get a nice comfy chair and get some vit d. Take care xx

  • Hi I cant use crutches either because of my hands.A friend recommended sticks with a shaped hand piece designed for those of us who have painful hands.She lent me a pair and they really help.If you want more info I'll ring her and ask exactly what the technical name for them is.Just let me know.('ll check on this thread later for your reply.xx

  • sorry avjh i wrote this and as it was so long yours got in first, so i have typed the name below if this is what you are thinking off too !!

  • I was the same as avjh, just couldn't use crutches, hurt hands, wrists and shoulders. I wish someone had shown me the right way to use them. In the end I sent them back to the hospital (remember to do that as there are actually hundreds of thousands of crutches outstanding). In the end I did get one of those sticks where your hand fits into the handle, it is great and actually gives me as much support and 'confidence' than the crutches ever did. Have a go, you never know. All the best. X

  • Hiya Becky, I had the same problems with the crutches so they gave me Fischer ones, these have flat palms and are so much easier to use. Also when u ask the physio about this, tell her of your pains as it sounds like you are having to lean too heavily on them for support, but when your drugs take effect i hope this period will pass for you. Also I used biking gloves initially as the padding helped me with the pain. Also I got wrist splints that help when i am doing things like using crutches or doing small things in the house so you could ask about that. My best tip is to really make sure you take your painkillers regularly as they prescribe as it will keep the pain at bay for you, if they are not working i think go to your GP and get some that do??!

    Stress is often a trigger for a flare so I am not surprised you are flaring. From what i can gather its often just someone asking question from a computer programme. Personally I would prefer a meeting so that you can elaborate instead of yes /no answers as RA is definitely sometimes a maybe!!

    You are young so keep strong girl, it will get better, there is light at the end of this tunnel. I never thought two years ago i would be able to get on a plane, ok it was with assist but i got there in the end, and am hoping my Humira will kick in for me soon. and try? ! not to worry, you can always appeal if the worst comes to the worst lol , good on you for not just sitting around though its much better for your joints if you can keep going if possible, depending on your Physios advice. hugs Axx xxxxxxx

  • Thanku both for ur support. I have not ever been given any pain killers for my RA just told to take paracetamol but they don't work! Iv self medicated with codiene but they not working. Specialist has only given me sulphasalizine. And yes I would like the name of the stick please although the thought of using sticks I can't stand because I'm so young. Xxxx

  • GP best for this Becky, I had codeine then tramadol then morphine which is the one that actually helps me and that doesn't make me drowsy. So I would chat with them about your pain. Our Rheumy always says Panadol is very good for RA but u have to take the full dose everyday ( obviously DONT go over the dose allowed! ) for it to get into your system and work.

  • Poor thing, I really do feel for the likes of yourself. You are so young, it is just wrong. Having that it is a fact of life and has to be dealt with the best you can.

    What's this about not getting any pain relief!!!! I was saying to another poster yesterday. You go to your GP and tell him, don't ask him, for pain relief.......this is your pain not the GP's and if that GP doesn't give you any go to another doctor. You are entitled to as much pain relief as you need. I know because I had to do this. Once my GP was made aware of my condition he was great and now can't do enough for me. Give it a go. XX

  • Hi Becky Yes Allanah and I are thinking of the same type.They are called Fischer handles.I have spoken to my friend and she said she had an idea that they were developing crutches along the same lines,so it might be worth checking via Google etc to see if this is correct.

    It is awful when we have to use crutches etc but hopefully when they have sorted your meds out you won't need them ,so try to look at it as a temporary fix.

    Kind thoughts and hugs tto you Avril xx

  • Thinking of you, i really hope you get some relief soon, xxx

  • I can't remember - did you get shown how to use the crutches when you were given them? If not, then see if you can get an urgent physio appointment by saying that they are hurting your hands, and you need to known how to use them properly.

    But, I couldn't get on with NHS crutches either. They are always hard on your hands, because you are putting all your body weight onto them, and the hand grips are solid, and the crutches don't have any kind of shock absorbing. If you need the stability of crutches, then you might have to look at other types, and for this you need a physio assessment really. They can do things like give you padded grips, but they look pretty tacky. You can get also ones that rest your arms out at right angles. Another alternative is that you can do what I did, and buy your own. I have kowski crutches, with a moulded anatomical soft grip and they make walking a breeze (well, thats a bit of an exageration! but heaps easier than the NHS crutches), and they don't put anywhere near as much strain on my hands. They also come in lovely colours which is a plus. Not cheap, but if you are going to be using them for a while they are worth it. You can get replacement hand grips and ferrules as well for them.

  • I found them hard and got a walker on wheels from the OT. Could try them. I can't use a walking stick either. I would also add have you thought of hiring a mobility scooter whilst things are bad?

  • There are crutches with Fischer handles too. Ask OT

  • wrapping a piece of cloth - like a child's scalf from the pound shop around thecrutch handles might help you grip them until you get a better alternative - i had to put my gloves around the handle of my crutch the other week and it helped a little bit with my wrist and hand pain. also wrist supports might help too.

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