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I wonder if anyone can direct me with some of my problems. I dont have a RA diagnosis but have many unexplained symptoms. Pain, stiffness and swelling in joints, fatigue, feeling unwell.

I seem to have some kind of flare up where i have this uncomfortable feeling surging through my body, at this time i feel very ill, dry mouth and nausea, no appetite. I also expereince over heating more so if um near a cooker or steam, this is very unusual for me as i am normally freezing all the time.

Any ideas would be appreciated as i dont know whats wrong yet i know something is a miss not just with the symotoms i have but feeling very unwell at times also.


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  • Hi there I am sorry to read you are unwell, have the doctors done an imflammation test? are you on any antidepressants because these can cause you to overheat.I think you need to see your doctor again and request further tests. all the best Trish

  • Unflamation markers cme back negative, and im not on anti depresents. Got gp appointment on monday.

  • That is exactly how I felt this time last year and my GP said I was depressed and put me on a high dose of antidepressant and signed me off work for 6 weeks. I did not agree with his diagnosis but went along with it as I felt so bad. The pain swelling and fatigue just got worse and worse and eventually I was diagnosed with RA in September by which time I was pretty bad. I am still at the finding the correct meds to suit me stage ( MTX didn't suit me, now trying Leflunomide) but I am feeling much better than I did thanks to regular steroid injections. You need to keep pushing your GP, I just kept going back again and again until they finally referred me to Rheumatology, my GP actually apologised to me after my diagnosis, it's too easy too put everything down to depression.

    I hope you get some answers soon.

  • Could youactually relate to the surge that i have becasue u didnt know if i was explaining them properly, whateverthey are they are profound and i know the minute they start and the minute they go.

  • So feel for you with what your going through it took 6 years before I finally got diagnosed with RA , because I'm seron negative it didn't show in my blood tests and like you was just told I'm depresses stress anxiety etc etc . Please push for a referral to see rheumatologist glad I did she knew straightaway for me and after X-rays scans etc confirmed RA and started treatment that day , I'm struggling as well to get meds right was on hydrox supalasine and MTX , but changed MTX for lefluonomide 6 weeks ago , hope your feeling better ASAP And welcome to this wonderful site it's been my lifesaver so many times , Regards Teresa .

  • Can i ask you if it seronegative what willshow in my bloods. Im due at doctors on monday and i would like to know what im going to ask her to test for.

  • Hi there, have you had any blood tests done? They will show up any inflammation markers. sorry you are feeling so ill and run down. I think you need to go back to your GP and ask to be referred to a Rheumatology Specialist who can look at all your symptoms in the round before making a decision. When I was first diagnosed it was my feet which were incredibly painful but it then spread to all my joints and I ended up in a wheelchair. I had x rays done of my hands and feet and chest x rays, blood tests etc which found the very raised markers which confirmed active RA.

    Don't be put off by negative GPs who think you are depressed etc. There is clearly something wrong and it needs investigating properly. (I also used to get hot and cold feelings as well). For the nausea you can get some meds from the GP which will help with that. Also drink plenty so that you are not always thirsty with a dry mouth. Pain stiffness and joint swelling needs properly looking at. Whenever my joints are acting up I take Nurofen gel capsules and paracetemol which always helps bring the inflammation down. You can also get Voltarol gel to rub into your hands which also helps as well.

    I really do think however, you should go back to your GP and ask for the referral.

    Good luck and I hope you soon feel a bit better. We are all here to help and support as much as we can.

    LavendarLady xx

  • Inflamation not showing in my bloods, But know theres some kind of inflamation going on.

  • Hi welcome, I am sero negative RA, yes it's possible. It can take a while to get diagnosed and I went a year to be told I was fine , to wake up a year later not fine, then they jumped into action! Good luck and persevere x

  • Thanks for the reassurance. My father in law has RA and each time i tell him how im feeling hes says your having a flare. He suggested i see a specialist at chapel allerton in Leeds but im in Lancs and the travelling might be a problem.

  • Might be worth travelling if your not too sore till you get a proper consultation , then change to a local hospital ?

  • Inflammation markers don't necessarily show up in blood tests. There are several types of inflammatory arthritis. I have Psoriatic Arthritis which is linked to the skin condition Psoriasis, yet many, many people get the arthritis without having had noticeable skin rashes & sometimes the skin Psoriasis has been almost too mild to notice. Many people with Psoriatic Arthritis do not have inflammation markers showing up in blood tests (is this the same for some RA sufferers? I think so ...)

    Your GP can refer you to a rheumatologist easily enough - but you might have to get a bit assertive about this. I had very high inflammatory markers but GP still dragged his feet for a while. Any type of inflammatory arthritis requires prompt treatment.

    Obviously we here can't diagnose for you but your symptoms do sound familiar. They could be something else but even if it turns out to be a process of elimination you need to get started.

    I know it's not a very exciting photographic opportunity, but do take photos of every bit of swelling. Sometimes rheumatology appointments (or any appointments) take a while to come through and swelling might come & go. I'm sure most rheumatologists are used to patients producing photos & many greatly appreciate it. Also keep a symptoms diary, at the very least that will help you to identify which symptoms are most consistent.

    Don't take 'no' for an answer! Good luck & don't be scared, if it is RA or some other form of inflammatory arthritis the drugs these days can often help considerably.

  • Thanks for the tips..and yes i do need to be assertive i also have crohns and Hashimotos are they can be linked to RA and other inflamatory conditions. My doctor has agreed to refer me now and i need to find a specialist who wont just write it of as fibro. But thanks for your help and bare with me as i seem to ask very simple questions because i am confused with all thats going on.

  • The 'simple' questions I had at the beginning, the ones I feared were perhaps a bit silly, turned out to be the most important ones for me and my rheumatologist.

  • Very glad to see you are getting a referral hopefully to an RA consultant. Best of luck and let us know how you get on. LavendarLady x

  • That's brill news , hope you get the appointment very soon will be interesting to see what they think , thank you for sharing with us and wishing you all the best so pleased you've got the referral x

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