just been referred!

Am just back from doc's who has referred me to clinic and consultant in july,after sudden onset of arthritis in april,treated with prenisolone and then reviewing bloods after gradual withdrawal from steroids.Feeling a bit shocked,still getting twinges in fingers,elbows neck,wrists but determined to keep being positive..Any advice for 55 yr old female from the great and good!!!!

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  • Yes don't panic and worry as it won't help. Get as much info as you can together before you go. Write everything down,eg; like how it affects you,where the pain is, what has happened since that you think they should lok at. Also write down any questions you want answers to. Anytrhing your not sure of write it down,t might seem silly to you,but they will reassure you. I hope you get on ok when you go to the hospital.xxx

  • thanks.

  • Also a good idea to take some photos of visibly swollen joints done just in case the steroids are still being masking things as happened to me at my first consultation. Good luck. Tilda x

  • i had sudden onsett at 56 last august very frightning eventually started treatment jan it was allabit daunting still is really but if youdo all that they tell you to begin youll be fine .i becamereally fed up but good support on here hun dont be frightened to ask anything good luckxxxx

  • Yes as Sylvi says dont panic. I was diagnosed in 2007 and was put onto Sulphasalazine which they told me would make me feel ill for about 6 weeks (great) anyway I stuck with it and eventually they kicked in. Now I am on them and methotrexate. At first I was terribly depressed and scared but life does go on and as previous people have said stick with it. Keep letting us know how you are doing. I am 58 nearly 59 and in my head I am about 39 till I look in the mirror. Lol.

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