Have people been automatically referred to a rheumy nurse?

Hi everybody, new to this site & have found some great info, thanks. I have a pompous consultant & can't wait to get referred to a rheumy nurse, more informal, I guess.

I have been told that this will happen if the consultant deems it 'appropriate'. I feel as if I'm being judged. Have people been automatically referred to a nurse?

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  • it normally goes like this appoint with consultant three to six month wait depending on area you live in then appointment to see nurse three to five month wait depending on area.. my waiting times are at the top end!! yes people skills often lacking, hope he is good thats is the main thing, v important x

  • Welcome to site.. you could ask for different hospital?

  • Hi my consultant referred me automatically to my rheumy nurse who I find very helpful, I can ring her at any time if I have a problem, but I still see the consultant every 3 months. How long have you been diagnosed? i'm sure you will get to see the nurse soon.

    Wendy x

  • Really can't bear to see the man again, couldn't tell him my real 'story', just wanted to get out of there...treated me like a lump of meat. Just wanted a bit of care & compassion really.

  • Thank you Wendy & Summer. It's a long story but this consultant is well known for his attitude by patients & staff alike. I was told to say I wasn't 'comfortable' & I would be referred to another one....hasn't happened yet...have stopped taking oxycontin prescribed by GP & sodium diclofenac as it gave me rectal bleeding....when I asked consultant what I should do when the pain gets really bad he told me to take paracetamol!!!

  • Sounds horrible. Are you on RA drugs yet and if so who is responsible for monitoring you on them? If its your GP then perhaps go to them (you could do this anyway) and ask what happens next as they should be aware of the set up in your health authority re specialist nurses etc. I live in a remote region of Scotland and I don't have a rheumy nurse or anyone I can see regularly apart from the GP so I'm not really in a position to advise you. But I hope you can get referred to another much nicer rheumy soon. Tildax

  • PS Naproxen and Tramadol works well for many on here (myself included) and you should be able to get this plus stomach protectors from your GP.

  • Rectal bleeding should be investigated?, suspect it was the diclofenac. my trust wont prescibe this now. also potential for MI ( HEART attack). oxycontin can cause rectal bleeding but only from constipation,opiate drugs have constipation as an unfortunate side effect x

  • Heard 'second hand' that consultant wants to send me for more tests...think he's just stringing it out cos he didn't tell me that. My blood test revealed inflammatory markers but no more info....sorry bit spaced out today....thank you everybody...great site...you are all so kind.

    P.S. Kids were surprised when GP prescribed oxycontin...they said I could sell it to celebrities in the US! Worried that GP is not an expert though means well.

  • My rheumy nurse is actually harder to see than the doctors, as only one nurse and 2 doctors so she has to see everyone. So I don't see her often at all, but the does phone back if you leave a message on the helpline and that's the most useful thing. But for the first year or so I didn't see her at all as the rheumy wanted to make sure things were working properly so I got to see her (the doctor) all the time. Polly

  • I saw my consultant once in May 2012 and since then I have only ever seen the nurse even after specifically asking to see the consultant and being promised that I would at my next appointment. Does anyone actually know if the consultant is required to see patients occasionally?

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