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Any advice for my first Embrell appointment on Wednesday

The main question I have is about communication in the event of an emergency or problem. About delivery of the pens. Does anyone have any other issues they would raise with the nurse practitioner?

I'm bringing my husband to take notes, am up to date on my inflammatory markers etc. but just wondering if anyone has anything they would flag up?

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A nurse came to the house to watch me with the first injection and to answer any questions. You should have an RA nurse phone number to call if you have any worries. Your GP should be checking you regularly with blood tests and BP readings. Please don't worry, they will all be keeping an eye on you. i have been on Enbrel for several years and have had no problems. Maybe a little itch or redness round the injection site but that wears off. Find some nice, juicy, fatty bits to inject into. The needles are so fine you won't feel it go in. For me it is a wonder drug and I do hope it works as well for you xx


Thanks Magglen. I was on infliximab for about 10 years so I'm quite familiar with the infusion regime and checks, but this is a new way of doing things so thanks for your message, its reassuring!


A nurse came twice to my home for embrel injections she talked to me for ages about side affects and how to do it sharps box and injections delivered at same time the down fall they can't give you a time so you have to wait in I have been on them a month now but got up yesterday in loads of pain and swelling I have ra I am also on methatrexate hope it goes well for you


Thankyou I hope it goes well for you too! I have to go to hospital for the introduction and am going to try to get them to deliver to local pharmacy which is 5 doors down from where I live. I hope the pain and swelling go away for you soon. And me!


Hi Cathie,

When I first went onto enbrel the specialist nurse came out to my home and explained the process and showed both me and my husband how to check the medication and how to inject. My deliveries ran very smoothly as did my sharps bin pick up. The only problem I had was finding space in my fridge to store them!

You may want to ask for a letter re medication in case you are planning any foreign holidays as you will need if to transport meds.Enbrel worked brilliantly for me.

Good luck



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