pinpoint rash around ankles

I've developed this rash - like tiny midge bites over the last few weeks. Very itchy, respond to antihistamine cream. I think it must be midges - Scotland, warmer weather, it would make sense wouldnt it.

But it does coincide with starting injectable methotrexate. I'm getting 20 mgs which is the same as I took in pill form and am wondering if this actually means an increase in dosage, Do you think I should show it to my GP? It doesnt look much like the pictures you see online of mtxate rashes.

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  • Yes given your history with rashes etc i think you should. 20mgs is a high dose of injectable MTX because its much more potent by injection so there's an outside chance it could be a reaction. Definitely worth flagging up as better safe and all that..! X

  • Thanks Tilda, I think you're right. I'll check, it could be midges tho!!


  • Not in May surely?!! And certainly not this May - its perishing! Tilda x

  • Weve got biting flying things in our laurel/clematis thing by my window. Hardy blighters!

  • Yes Cathie, we have the swarms of the little blighters in the garden, i think all this rain brings them out. I sometimes get red marks more like blotches around my ankles specially if i have had socks on that have irritated and the itch is terrible although i get it on my shins too.

  • Where areyou? They seem to have survived the winter here in edinburgh and have toughened up. Ill still check whether its got any relation to mtxate tho!

  • Yes best to get it checked anyway. I am in Glasgow Cathie, although we seem to get more rain here than you do in Edinburgh and it's brought the midgies are out in full force here. x

  • They must be made of stern stuff! Hope you're well despite the rain today (here)


  • Bites on your ankles can mean fleas - they hatch out of carpets and jump on the nearest mammal, ankles are fair game! xxx

  • Yes I know about fleas because our cats once had them it was murder. Maybe I picked them up from a friends car because she has these lovely, smelly dogs... Just a thought! Thanks for that.

  • Hi Cathie

    From time to time over the years I have had a similar rash exactly as you describe but it usually goes after a few days and I have always felt that it was drug related. But you've had some good advice and best to get it checked.


  • Thanks! I'll do what I've been told!! I can find explanations for it being both transmitted by friendly dogs, or our cat or drug related! So the cat gets flea treatment and I see the GP!

    Hope you're doing well, Ailsa.


  • i've had a few weird bites appear over the past week too - there's definatly a plauge of midges in my garden but i don't remember being bitten :( they'r e not flea bites - at least i don't think so - i was wondering if it was some kind of mite biting me and i think they bit me when i was sitting on the step in my garden. i hope you find out what it is.

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