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Hi All, hope today;s sunny weather is good for you.

I have had RA for over 25 years, diagnosed when I was 18, I have since developed RA Lung disease, eye disease, under active thyroid, sjorgens syndrome and Fibromyalgia. I have listed my conditions to ask for advice as in the last few months I am having weekly flare ups that see me bed bound for four days due to inability to walk or use arms. With these flare ups I am also getting a rash on my face it just looks like red lumps that go away when the flare ends. Has anyone else experienced this and is it part of RA? I have searched internet and found no answers.

Happy day eberyone.


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  • forgot to mention t the same time I have the rash my face is very swollen. I am not allergic to anything as far as I know & this only occurs with flare ups. Hormones have been ruled out so have hives as it is not itchy.

  • I have RA and recently developed Lupus which comes out on a facial rash. I would speak to your consultant.


  • thank you trish, my mum keeps asking about this as I have a relative who has Lupus and I have always tested negative for Rheumatoid factor. Did your treatment /medication chnage much when they diagnosed Lupus? Not seeing my speacilist until July as constantly rebooking apts and although I am supposed to be reviewed every 3 months it will be 12 months by the time I see Rheumy again!

  • That's crazy waiting so long to be seen. I wasn't given any different medication after being diagnosed with Lupus although I was taken off biologics and now just take 25mg methotrexate. Good luck and I hope you get the answer soon.


  • Its not a shaving rash is it?

  • Its not a shaving rash is it?

    I suffer that sometimes.

  • I hope not philip as I dont have to shave my face . Lol


  • Oops sorry lol, not thinking again lol, did it make you smile a little? 😂

  • Hi Philip, I had such a good laugh about it, you brightened my day, thank you.

  • Hi Donna. I have exactly the same problem. Lupus has been ruled out and after seeing an allergist I've been told that I am allergic to the preservatives in drugs so all my medication was stopped. Unfortunately I have a number of conditions and one of them, the medication cannot be stopped. They are now trying to find medications that don't contain preservatives. I am due to start Enbrel injections next week that I have to mix myself so fingers crossed it works. May be worth asking if you could be tested for drug allergies, but be warned that it may be a struggle getting the tests done. My first referral to Immunology was rejected but fortunately my Dr's were persistent. Hope you get some answers soon.


  • Thank you Angela and I hope you too get some good results soon. Enbrel was great for me but unfortunately it lowered my immune system too much and I was taken off it due to repeat chest infections. It did work really well on RA though.

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