Anyone had this ?

Hi everyone, as you know I have been having a lot of pain recently but today I woke up with pain in my jaw of all places, I just wondered if anyone else has had pain in the jaw just by my ear I know its not my ear because it hurts to open my mouth ( my husband had told me to keep my mouth shut !!! ) it doesn't hurt to chew, only to open my mouth.

Wendy x

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  • Hi Wendy, yes several of us have this problem. It is the jaw hinge which is affected. I find I can't open my mouth very wide or chew on that side as can't close my jaw either!

    It seems to last 2/3 days and then wears off. I did mention it to my consultant who said it is a joint like any other and susceptible to RA. I get it both sides but not at the same time. Can go weeks without a problem then will wake up and find one side is stiff and painful.

    I usually take a couple of nurofen to help but it will wear off very quickly.

    LavendarLady x

  • it is arthritis in the jaw bone and my mum suffers exactly the samE as Lavender Lady.

  • Hi Wendy yes I've had that before it lasted about a week , my GP said defo RA , hope it soon goes for you x

  • Yes Wendy- me too. If I am stressed or anxious I think I clench my jaw which makes it worse but normally when my joints are misbehaving my jaw hurts and it ends up giving me a tension headache. I get relief sometimes by gently opening my mouth and biting resting my teeth down on something like a teething ring (plastic) whilst lying down- it might work for you? Hope it eases off soon as it is really painful..... p.s. love your wee cat pic x

  • Congratulations to everyone for providing nellysgran with an instant diagnosis of the problem and treatment plan !!!!!!! And yes I am being facetious, and no, I make no apology. My suggestion is a) go to rheumy Dr or GP. They will probably refer you to b) a dentist or hospital dept for further tests and PROFESSIONAL treatment. As there are a number of things that can cause jaw pain.

  • THANK YOU !!

  • I had this problem early on but since being on medication (MTX and SSZ) it gradually improved and hasn't been a problem recently.

  • That joint is the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and yes, you can get arthritis there, though you can have other things happening too. I definitely get enthesitis there (part of my spondyloarthritis) and sometimes use one of the antiinflammatory gels over the area (voltarol, etc), but being very careful not to get it anywhere near my eyes. I did get some really good advice from my dentist on how to move my jaw when it was sore, and how to "unlock" it when it felt like it was getting stuck. Dentists are really good with mechanical things like that, although you really need the rheumatologist to work with you to make sure its not continuing to get inflamed.

  • Thank you earthwitch. As you say dentists are good at 'mechanical things' like that... And so are other dental professionals (like me!) lol.

  • I started with TMJ which is a condition you can get in your jaw. It started with an aching jaw with quite a large swelling. I went to the dentist who referred me to a maxillo facial consultant where I was finally diagnosed. It is very painful when it flairs and gives you trouble with eating say a baguette. I was given a mouth guard which really helped, I needed it for sleeping because I was grinding my teeth quite badly. Do you know if you grind your teeth? My dentist is great, he knows I have trouble so is very careful when I go for a check up. Hope you get some help soon. Franbie xx

  • TMJ = Temporal Mandibular Joint. That's the hinge that moves your lower jaw up and down and across. It's not a condition in itself. The condition is any problem which affects it, be it muscular,tendon or occlusion problems. Here endeth the very short lecture :-)

  • funny that though not for you was at nurse last week and she was telling me she has athritis of jaw and really painfull hadnt heard of it till then but ye i guess its a joint like any other xxxxx

  • Would be nice to be able to afford a dentist at all! I only get jaw pain when I'm on a flare so assume it is RA. I can't imagine a GP/Rheumy referring you unless it is a serious problem, I've mentioned loads of symptoms like this and problems with my stomach etc. and you just get a non-committal 'Hmmm it probably is RA'. xx

  • I have had this for ages. When I first felt it I went to see my dentist....... he told me to tell my rheumatologist!!!!! He is a great fella all together. Anyhow my rheumy confirmed it was my RA. I don't want to frighten you but my jaw shifted a few cm and as a result I lost two fillings in my bottom teeth. So it was back to my lovely dentist and he sorted my out right away. That was about a year ago and I have no problems since although my jaw pain is persistent. You learn to live with some things don't you? I have learned to eat, chew, bite and yawn differently. We RA sufferers are very adaptable, we have to be!!! All the best to you anyhow. XX

  • Hi - I have had this too ... managed to bring it on having big dental work done, so mouth open for ages and also - and this is bonkers - singing an eight minute choral piece three times on the trot!!! That set it off good and proper!!. Best wishes xx

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