Has anyone ever heard of a RD sufferer having to have a jaw replacement? i posted recently about a consultant telling me that i had RD on both sides of my jaw, although i only have pain on my left side and that the only thing that could be offered to me is a jaw replacement if it get worse!

i can't open my mouth very much now, brushing my teeth is agony and i have to be careful about how and what i eat.

i was just wondering if anyone else had heard of this.


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  • Hi Jean, if you look on the NHS choices website it's got quite a lot of information about this and there seems to be several things that can be done before getting to a replacement. I'm not sure what procedures you've already had but maybe there is something there that may help you. I do hope so. Clemmie x

  • thats great Clemmie, i'll have a look. jean

  • Have you had an MRI scan? I had one of my jaw and it was in very bad shape. They usually offer a wash out procedure and steroid injections as first line. I saw a maxillo facial expert and it might be an idea for you to see one too. Jaw replacements are a very, very last resort because they aren't as simple as knee/hip replacements and can bring more problems than they solve.

  • thats the last thing i need. i'm seeing my GP next week and i'll have a word with him. the consultant more or less washed his hands of me and didn't offer anything else other than a replacement. i'm not too sure if i want to go through all that to be honest. thanks for the reply.

  • sorry i meeant to ask, what exactly is a maxillo wash?

  • Not in the UK, but I know of someone in Australia and someone in the US who have both had jaw joint replacements. Not something to take on lightly as the recovery seemed to take quite a while. Your best bet is to keep on at your rheumatologist to adjust your meds to make sure that your inflammation is really under control as its the continued inflammation that causes the damage. If you aren't on anti-tnfs, then ask about trying those to get better disease control.

  • eathwitch, i have been on Bio's now for nearly two years. i had a steroid injection a week ago that has helped my RD but has done nothing for my jaw pain. it is locked now in a position when i can brush my teeth although very painfull. i have to make sure food is ofa certain size. the pain is there all the time when i lay on my left side or if i open my mouth too wide. this isn't going to get any better, i'm stuck with it like this now as the damege is done. my advice is if you have this sympthom push to get it seen to early........ on a lighter note a male neighbour of mine asked me how i got it and if i could give some to his wife.......very funny aren't they?

  • Hi Jean I've had RA in my jaw for years so understand a bit how you feel although mine seems to have settled a lot. It flared up at Christmas and I struggled badly to eat. All I had Xmas eve all day was ice cream but even to swallow is sore because you use your jaw muscles. I used to wake in a lot of pain in my ear and I still can't clean in my ear when I wash my hair. I'm so sorry to hear that your jaw has got so bad. I would think about getting a second opinion. Different oral surgeons may have different ideas. It's definitely worth doing. Take care and remember we are here for you. Take care love KiKi x

  • Oh Kiki, that's lovely, thanks. I do intend to have a word with my GP and see what he has to say. I don't think there is another surgeon here. Maybe one in Belfast but if there is one there I think I will ask for another opinion. I really don't like the idea of surgury on my jaw. Thanks for your reply and your very good advice. All the best, Jean.

  • didn't think they would do this op here in UK?

  • Yes, London and another city were mentioned to me. I really don't like the idea of it at all. I might be able to see another consultant in Belfast but any surgery can only be done in Britian. X

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