Are vitmain supplements and Echincea allowed with Humira?

Hi i am currently taking Humira and have had 3 colds since xmas when i started. Its usually a head cold, with headache and congestion. My current one is 4 weeks now. Have had antibiotics but now its back again. Was wondering if anyone knows can you take Echinacea and vitamin supplements to help boost the system. Thanks.

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  • It's always best to check with your rheumy team, as everyone is a bit different. I've been told not to take things like Echinea that boost immune system as the aim of our meds is to calm down an over active immune system - but maybe that's different with Humira. Polly

  • I've also been told not to take echinacea.

    I think when you are on any prescribed medications at all you should always let at least your GP know what supplements you are regularly taking. Its easy to think of supplements as being harmless, but actually there are huge numbers of interactions that are possible, and your doctors need to be aware so they can advise you properly.

  • Thanks both. I have left message with rheumy helpline just wondered if anyone here had views. Its helped as it looked like Echinacea out. Thanks again.

  • Hi interested to watch this question I have been on humira since February and have just got my second chest infection now on antibiotics, I have never had chest infections before so just wondering what is going on, Carole

  • Me too, keep getting colds and flu since starting Humira but small price to. Pay in a way. Just started using hand gel again to try to prevent picking up infections!

  • I've read you should never take echinacea if you have allergies or autoimmune diseases - it boosts your immune system and that will just make any allergies or autoimmune problems worse.

    You need to take care about where you go (avoid public transport and crowded places) wash your hands or use anti-viral gel when you have been out, don't visit a household if people there are ill etc, all the usual infection avoidance

  • Peejay I have been having problems with low white blood cells along with dizziness, and some difficulty breathing. I am also a vegaterian, not that has made no difference to my RA condition at all. With all this happening I thought I would try a multivitamin for veggies. Before I started on them I foned my RA nurse and although she she didn't say not to take them she simply said that "they wouldn't do me any harm!"

    I have been taking them and so far I haven 't fallen off the radar!!!

    Having said that I would advise you to contact your team first and abide with what they want you to do.

    Sorry I can't ,be more help. All the best. Jeanabelle. XX

  • Great thanks. Spoke to them now and not getting any Echinacea but have ordered sone vitc and vite. Thanks all.

  • An interesting question and i agree it shouldn't be taken. I remember taking it for years before i got r/a and sometimes wonder if i made things worse by taking it. I didn't realise that you are meant to take it for a month then stop for a month. I took it continuesly for years.

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