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As we are continually getting newcomers to the site we thought it might be a good time to highlight an issue that has concerned us previously about the overly medical nature of some of the questions posted. While this site is a fantastic source of support and shared experiences, queries requiring specific medical advice should always be directed to a healthcare professional, and ideally to your own healthcare team (such as GP, rheumatologist or rheumatology nurse).

Which drugs are safe to take alongside your DMARDs, for example, we would consider a specific medical query. Of course there may be some very general guidelines but specific medical advice for someone would need to take into account things like their medical history, and any other drugs taken for unrelated conditions etc which only a member of their healthcare team would have access to. As a helpline we would always urge callers to contact a healthcare professional with specific queries like this, about their medications or drug interactions. However, asking for other’s experiences on a particular drug can often be really interesting and this is exactly the sort of thing HU is here for.

It is important when phrasing a question or response to remember that this forum is used by patients, rather than healthcare professionals so answers will be based on their experiences, and this may not be relevant to your own personal situation. On the whole, where medical queries are posted on here, many of you respond with the suggestion of seeking advice from a medical professional which we’re really pleased to see. But unfortunately this is not always the case.

So just a quick reminder of the guidelines that, ‘content on this site does not replace the relationship between you and doctors or other healthcare professionals nor the advice you receive from them.’ Talking about your personal experiences is important and we encourage this, but please bear in mind the individual nature of RA and encourage people to talk to their health professionals about their concerns.

Overall the questions, blogs and responses are all very positive and supportive, and we hope this will continue. If you have any questions about the above, please feel free to contact me either by replying to this post or sending a private message if you prefer.

Many thanks

Sarah Kate


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  • Some people don't put questions in the right place either,they put them on the blogs Sarah Kate.xx

  • This is very sensible and timely - its good to have a reminder like this

  • Thank you for the reminder and I hope that I have not fallen fowl to this particular message. If I have it was not my intention. I agree with Sylvi regarding questions appearing in the blogs. Once again thank you for keeping us on our toes.

  • Thank you.

    Hope i havnt posted in the wrong place, woops. My apologies if i have.

  • Quite agree. As a DCP (Dental care professional) it does worry me when people ask questions relating to dentistry and all sorts of (sometimes worryingly wrong) answers are put on the replies.

  • Hi can I just ask you a question about fibromyalgia and dental treatment, is it correct that fibromyalgia can effect your jaw in some way, I read something about that a few years ago and I don't seem to be able to find it again lol.

    you can tell me to sod off if you want to lol,


  • I agree with all comments here, and thank you for the reminder Sarah Kate. I'm finding myself trying to remember what I have written during recent weeks, hope I've been relatively good !

  • Thank you for reminder i tend to answer from own drug experiences ie I have taken them personally, I am a sufferer, suffering badly at the moment ,

    sometimes people replies are well intentioned or a little misguided as Dtech says non dental/medical people shouldnt really reply to v specific questions unless qualified in that particular flield, though am sure that everyone on here myself included has the best intentions and are trying to help others.

  • would it be possible for NRAS people to put a couple of lines at the bottom of each post and replies, a disclaimer perhaps that will be an automatic reply on every question or blog and replies.

    that way every one will see it and nobody will be able to say ooooooooops I forgot lol.


  • Hi Philip

    There is on every page the small 'Guidelines' box to the right of the screen stating: "Content on this site does not replace the relationship between you and doctors or other healthcare professionals nor the advice you receive from them. Views expressed are those of individuals and not of NRAS." So hopefully that can act as a gentle reminder. We wouldn't want to intrude on every post!


    Sarah Kate

  • Lol Phillip. No I wont tell you to sod off:-) Fibromyalga along with RA and other health problems affect ALL joints and consequently muscles etc. The jaw has joints called the temporal mandibular joint or TMJ as we call it. These are worked by some very large muscles (some of the biggest and strongest in the human body). The TMJ wears out as you get older, just like other joints. but it can wear quicker with fibromyalga and RA.leading to pains caused by the muscles being out of sync. So people can get neck,shoulder and even back problems all due to TMJ problems. Hear endeth the lecture and me being professionally So I shall end with the advice I ALWAYS give to people on line here. If you are concerned about your dental health go to your dentist or get referred by them or your RA doctor to a hospital dental department. Hope this helps.

  • LOL Thank you for that, my questions answered, thank you.

    And I wasn't told to sod off, YAY to that.


  • I just want to say thank you to all who have helped and guided me during the first few months of my diagnosis it's been invaluable, supportive and reassuring. I qoute a point made to me by a member "you have a brain".

    I have not at any point felt that support has over stepped into the realms of clinical

    advice directly but more circumspect. One thing I have learnt very quickly from accessing this site is not to feed into my illness as I did at the beginning or any one else's as I can see how that can happen easily.

    My comments are my own opinion and made with no intent. God Bless all who sail in this ship:-)

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