Esa medical results

Hi everyone hope you are all OK. Sorry iv not been on in over a week Iv had my daughter up on holiday. Had a good week last week until Thursday night when my knees and ankle flared again and now im back on the crutches. The good news is the DWP phoned me on Wednesday and said that I have passed my medical and will be placed in the support group. I haven't received the letter yet but got the call. Its like a weight has been lifted off my shoulder with all the worry they put me through.

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  • That is such good news, so pleased for you becky. Hugs for you & hope you are feeling better.

    Rie xx

  • Great news well done.

  • thank you x

  • that's great news. i hope your flare up settles down a bit now that its over - he stress and worrying about the outcome wouldn't have helped!

  • Hope ur flare settles soon and well done about ur medical x

  • Brilliant news on your ESA. Hope u soon feel better.

  • Fab news

  • Well done you,you need

  • Thanku all xx

  • brilliant

  • Great news, i hope your flare settles down soon.


  • Excellent Becky, great to be in the support group, you can relax now and let the large settle down xx

  • Flare settle down!!

  • brill news xx

  • Thanku all xx

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