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Is this a flare?


Wrists and ankles puffy and sore to move and feel hot ...head aches and neck sore too..

Just wanna lay down and sleep

feeling sooo sick, just tried to grill some food for family........yuck feel soo bad

back to gp in morning again.....wish my rheummy appointment was sooner than JULY!!

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You poor thing, it does sound like a flare. I hope the GP can help you.

Dotty xxx


sounds like one, sorry get appoint with GP or ring rhuem nurse?

Mayb ur gp could ring rheumy for u to get advice re steroids or something to help til u see rheumy team? Mine did when my symptoms first hit.

Thanks all................x

feel sooooo bad......

I just had the same thing happen to me about 1 1/2 months ago. Definitely call your rheummy doctor. I called her office and my doctor saw me the same day. She put me on prednisone and within a week the swelling started going down. Good luck!

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