Pancakes, what do you like on yours?

Pancakes, what do you like on yours?

Hi all,

As it's Shrove Tuesday pancake day tomorrow, what do you like on your pancakes.

I make my own batter, a couple of teaspoons of melted butter in the mixture.

If you like very light pancakes similar to French crepes, just seperate one of the eggs before adding to the mixture, add the yolk but the beat the white of the egg until its fluffy then add mixing slowly to the batter mix. Lovely!

The make loads.

I like mine with fresh lemon and sugar can't wait.

Best wishes


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  • Hi Tricia

    I like mine with maple syrup or jam. I'm a man and can't cook so buy ready made ones.


  • Lemon and sugar or golden syrup - yum! I am so daft at the moment I thought it was last tuesday so we'll have had pancakes two tuesdays in a row ;) Not that I'm complaining!!

  • Oh, Emandedmum

    I wish i had forgot love pancakes, when my 2 were teens they used have contests as to who can eat the most my son would win I think he got 15 7" frying pan size with an assortment of lemon chocolate and syrup. not maple that's foreign lol.

    Brian try and make your own take 2 eggs 1/2 pint milk and 4 ozs of plain flour whip together you need a consistency similar to double cream before its whipped.

    you normally use oil to coat the pan just dip it in some rub round the pan then just pour in enough batter to coat, you will see it sets on one side then flip it over, or toss it. Then eat.

    I might have to practise tonight I feel quite hungry.

    calling Julie 55, with your chickens I bet yours are really nice with real fresh eggs

    Best wishes


  • Yeah I bet Julie 55's are fab too you cant beat free range and fresh!

    I will be having mine with just a light dusting off sugar cant wait!! yum yum

  • Stop stop my stomach is rumbling. Last year in hospital while heavily sedated on morphine I told my friends there were pancakes stuck to the ceiling of the ward. Turned out to be damp patches. Anyway this year I will have mine with golden syrup yum.

  • Ooohh... lemon and sugar with mine! At least I don't have to worry all day tomorrow about what to make for tea ... such a relief!

  • I love lemon curd or chocolate spread on mine. Totally unhealthy but delicious!

  • Going to make the batter now so will be ready when get in from work tomorrow, sieving the flour is my way plus the melted butter in the mix, god I'd love one now.

  • My Granny used to make blackberry vinegar for the pancakes, my mum still does, its lovely, ooh can taste it now, doens't taste vinegary just blackberry syrupy and naughty. When I met my husband 25 years ago took him and his friend home to meet mum, she made panakes and when they were asked if they would like black vin on top they looked at her as if she were barking mad, said yes out of politeness and loved them! Have lemon and sugar as well tho! cant have too many. The tossing of the pancake doesn't quite work with dodgey wrists tho does it?

  • It's go to be tate and lyle golden syrup......lordy I'm dribbling at the thought of it.

    Happy Shrove tuesday everyone...enjoy x

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