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Hen Party! no longer a spring chick more of an old broiler

Have been on a Hen party outing for a young future relative this weekend and realised my arthritis has transformed my outlook.

Went to York yesterday and looking forward to the event however my membership of the 4am club put me at a disadvantage from the start and was ready for a nap by the time we arrived at 2pm but did not manage to get one so starting to feel tired before we even started.

Booked into the hotel and then had a longish walk uphill to the meeting place. we all got together and had a drink and chat before going back to the hotel to get ready for the night out. set off out at 8.30 and starting to flag by this time but got into the spirit with the others donning the requisite sash and badges and started again on a long walk uphill for a meal and then a pub crawl before the nightclub. Actually found seating in all the venues which was surprising and a bonus which I took full advantage of. The night club was buzzing with 70's and 80's music and joined in with some moving about although it would be a long stretch of the imagination to call it dancing. Really enjoyed the evening although a bit of a lightweight and called it a night with some of the other more mature ladies and a heavily pregnant daughter at 1am and returned to the hotel which was ideally situated 100 metres away from the nightclub ( good planning or good luck i'm not sure ) but appreciated returned to hotel and congregated in our room and had another bottle of wine eventually managing to get to bed and sleep at 2.30 this morning. Slept very well and sorry folks that I didnt join you in the 4am club this morning as I slept in till 6.30.

We then had breakfast and a mooch around york before catching a train and getting home at 4pm.

I am sure I am going to suffer in the morning as I ache all over and my feet are killing me. I realise I am not the spring chick of a few years ago before the RA caught me but now more of an old broiling fowl. I take much longer to get ready, and the flesh is much tougher due to the effects of this disease, and although the joints may be tender this is not from youth but the inflammation. I think the steroids I have had over the last 6 months are starting to wear off and the chick I once was has now gone

cris xx

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What a great time you had. The chick is still there maybe not so easily physically but definitely in spirit. I love to dance despite my age, my boys regard me as an aged hippie as disco was my passion!!! RA is a horrid disease but we seem to be made of sterner stuff to fight on & when we crash we can share here for love & support. I've been on steroids for 2 years & my body does show it particularly my face,skin &hair. .i wriggle on the chair & sing loudly(family disappear!! )Sod it I need some fun. Your night out made me chuckle. Thank you. Love Alison x


You talking about that,i'm watching vintage tv and its all 70s music and boy does it take me back,like you i could dance for ever when i was young. Not now my joints don't like dancing or late nights, Am glad you had a good weekend and i hope you don't suffer too much.xx


i went to york about two weeks ago but wasnt well enough to enjoy it it seems a great place x


Sounds like you had a fab time. I love York and its only about an hour away from me.

You cant beat a good night out and a boogie.


It sounds like you had a great time Cris, I also find it hard to keep my bum on a seat when music is on especial the 70s and 80s, I really hope you don't suffer to much, Take Care xxx


Oh i enjoyed reading about your York trip. I am going out tonight for a shuffle round the dance floor. May suffer tomorrow but it will be worth it.


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