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has anyone heard of lymphoedema


hi everyone hope you are all pain free or in less pain than normal I have not been on for awhile as I have had a lot of pain in my lower legs seen my doc send me to physio they done tests and now they have found out I have lymphoedema have to get my legs bandage from toes to knee to try and get rid of the fluid every three days for three wks then have to wear special stockings after that. the doc thinks its from taking presolone I have had this illness now for over 2yrs and there is always something else comes up if anyone else has had this please let me know.o yes I was told you can get it from trauma are stress.grace1

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I had large legs and feet but it wasnt water, it was a blood pressure tablet. The GP changed my tablet and the swelling went down. They are swelling again now and have got to go back to GP.I came off steroids earlier as they gave me cushion i swelled up round my neck and it was so uncomfortable i could not breath properly, it felt as if i was being strangled if you know what i mean. Hope you get better quickly.



Yes I've heard off it, my mum was warned about it after she has her breast cancer removed due to her lymph nodes being removed she was given excersises to do to prevent her getting it, have you been told why yours has come on?

Hi Lymphoedema can have many causes but your swelling seems to fit , does your local hospital have a lymphodeama nurse specialist many do but this can vary in different areas like many other services but it may be worth asking your dr if there is a service near you and if you can be referred.

good luck crisxx

I have just been referred to a lymphoedema clinic. The stitches came undone after a knee replacement and so a District Nurse has been coming to check the wound on a regular basis. One of the nurses noticed my swollen leg (I usually wear compression stockings but could not get them on myself after surgery) and referred me.

I have had the condition for years, caused by a bout of cellulitis which was neglected by the hospital until it had damaged all the lymph nodes in my lower leg. The clinic was not in existance when I first got the problem and I just accepted that I had to wear the stockings for life, but it appears there may be things I can do to allieviate the problem. She also says that the clinic can test whether it is a lymph node problem or a heart problem.

I am really pleased to be going there as recently part of my lower leg has gone hard, something which can happen evidently. My GP just said `Oh, it's linked to your lymphoedema' but showed no further interest. I feel as though someone is finally showing an interest.

I am actually pleased that part of the stitching came undone 3 days afte surgery!!


Thanks everyone for your answers .I attend a specialist nurse that deals with this and they are very helpful. Back tomorrow to get my legs bandaged again hope they are a little better I know they aren't as painful asthey were will let you all know what happens. Thanks again.

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