Methojet lesson

Just back from my lesson in how to inject myself at the Day unit at the Western General in Edinburgh. I thought I'd share the experience though most of you already know all this..

It took about half an hour and the nurse gave me about 6 weeks worth of injections and a sharps bin. She told me to get bloods done fortnightly to begin with just to monitor the impact of the different form of delivery. I found the needle longer than the one I was used to using for my diabetes 2 meds, but just went for it. I'm glad I've got a bit of a tummy! Useful at least for this. She went into disposal of anything with mtxate on it putting quite a lot of emphasis on this. And suggested that if I travel (am planning 2 weeks in France at the end of September) I take my pills which will be easier to deal with and wont poses problems of disposal.

She also told me that if I had a reaction on the injection site which was red and bigger than a 50p piece which lasted longer than 48 hours I should contact the specialist nurses and my GP.

So, so far so good. Just thought someone might be interested.

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  • sounds very thorough x

  • Good luck!

  • Thanks for this, Cathie as I have my lesson next Wednesday. I did watch it on youtube which was a mistake as it has rather put me off so I'm glad your experience went ok.

    Good luck with this method and I hope it works for you - and me......

  • I remember when I got my first humira injection! I had to wait nine months before I got it so you can imagine the state I was in by the time I got there. I was so glad to get it I smiled through the injection. My son was with me and he gets 'all funny' around needles, so there was me all smiles and there was he turning all shades of green at the same time!

    I hope things work out for you cathie. Keep in touch. X

  • Hi Cathie, hope you feel the benefit soon without any ill effects. I have just done my 2 enbrel injection on my own. straight forward but I am waiting for the 5/6 weeks to see if the skin reacts. good luck. Love Alison x

  • I hope it goes ok for you too

  • I hope it goes ok for you too

  • I hope it goes ok for you too

  • I hope it goes ok for you too

  • Well done Cathie for taking to it so easily.

    I am glad I take the MTX pills, It does not bother me someone else injecting me but I really would not like to do it myself.

    Thats a good idea about taking pills with you on holiday.

    Keep well

    Mary x

  • My bloods showed some liver developments so I would quite like to have mtx reduced and injecting might be a good way. And with 8 little yellow pills to swallow every week, I thought it worth a whirl! Sorry about the repeated messages - thats trying to send it from iPad!

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