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Well it is official, I have finally made it to the grand age of 20. It was my Birthday on Tuesday and I had a fab day!

I got lots of lovely presents from all of my family and my boyfriend but the only downside is.. I came down with a full on cold on the day! What are the chances eh?!

I wasn't able to go out and celebrate my birthday with my friends on my actual birthday because I had an important Law exam the next day. SO, I'm off out with everyone on Friday instead! I have 2 exams that day and then its straight to the pub to start celebrating :D

I'm going with about 10+ friends for a meal first and then we're heading to the Students' Union at my university for cheap drinks and making full use of the nightclub there!

I will probably be very hungover on Saturday haha. But so long as my consultant doesnt find out then everything will be fine ;-)

Hope youre all well!

Em :) x

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Happy Birthday! Go party for all of us on Friday and do us proud!

Please have a drink for me ;)

Really hope you have a good hangover on Saturday.

Can't wait to hear all about it.

Keep warm and drink loads of fresh OJ to keep well



Happy birthday. To you. An extra special one too.


Happy birthday it seems all fabulous people are born in April it was mine last week. Hope you have a lovely time on Fri hope the hang over is not to bad xx


Many congrats Em :-) have a fantastic birthday night out on Friday. xxx


happy birthday.. you v clever girl. good luck with exams x


Happy Birthday Em! Have a lovely party from all of us at NRAS :)


Many happy returns for your 20th Em - go celebrate - I'm sure even your consultant would give you some leeway as a one off! Tilda x


Happy birthday have a great night out and enjoy love Karen x


have a lovely night on friday :D

happy birthday Em, :)



Belated Birthday wishes, when you wake up on Saturday morning and can remember everything of the night before, you did well. take


Happy birthday! Enjoy your night & best of luck with the exams xx


Yay! Happy Birthday!!

Good Luck with the Hangover...opps I mean exams!!

Have FUN!!



My son just celebrated his 21st with his university friends - hope ur hangover is not as bad as his.

Have a great time and dont worry we wont squeal on u to ur rheumy lol


Happy birthday EM, sorry it a bit late but hope you have a lovely time.

Mary x


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