I've made RA more aware today :))))))))

Hi everybody,firstly thanks for all the well wishes for today's interview with my local paper and also many thanks to shirl for her blog:)))

I set off with a load off thoughts,questions in my head wondering what the experience was going to be like,and it was so much easier and so much more relaxed than I imagined it would be so fantastic for me,as my nerves suffer with any worry or stress.i came home thinking I had just left a group of friends,we had a lovely time.

We all met in a large office and was all introduced to each other,there were the two reporters,a photographer,2 consultants,2 rheumy nurse and 2 other patients and myself,our 3 journeys were all so different so it was great for the reporter.they spoke first to the consultants on the whole RA thing,in our hospital they are very much for treat it aggresively ASAP,hit it hard etc etc,so they highlighted this and started telling us of the start of their treatment plan,firstly mtx,and apparently 60%of RA patients at my hospital go into remission on this alone.then another dmard is added if fails,then biological are introduced,quickly they went onto symptoms and diagnosis of RA.us 3 ladies spoke of our journeys,I am the newest diagnosed and only one on mtx alone,one lady is on enbrel as couldn't tolerate mtx or sulphasalazine,quickly was moved onto enbrel.the other lovely lady was on infusions and has had RA for 14 yrs so diagnosis and treatment then wasnt as good as it is today,she too had tried mtx etc but all failed her sadly

We each in turn spoke of our own journey and all could only speak highly of our hospital thankfully.the nurses then spoke,one of which was my nurse who deals with early RA patients Nd ongoing and another nurse who specialises in biological,both spoke highly of RA patients saying we are the most lovely positive kind patients they have:)) I think we all need a bit of sense of humour don't we girls lol !!!

Well then the camera came out so I rushed to my handbag for hairbrush and lippy,and yes I'm telling the truth,we all laughed a lot at my expense but who cares we all had a laugh !!! At the end one lady and myself did a video for their website which I will be able to see via Facebook and twitter,through the herald and posts newspaper website,

It was such a lovely experience and yes shirl I wore my sparkles and yes sylv I wore pink lipstick :))) i came out happy smiling and positive and I also had a chat with my new consultant who takes over from my present consultant,he told me hes on the ball and upto date with it all so fantastic news for me.i will put the link on so you can all read and see me hopefully she said it would be in next weeks paper :)) lots of love to you all Michelle xx

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  • Hi Michelle Great to hear you had a good time in the spotlight an well one in taking part in the interview which will hopefully get the message out an lead to greater understanding in the public domain. Hope you keeping well and looking forward to reading the link when you post it

    cris xx

  • Fab news really look forward to seein it .....as we always say Mich positivity is so important and this has certainly come out of today ..great news C xx

  • Yes positivity Claire my love will see us through:))) have inboxed you xxx

  • Well done! A star in born , you are so brave. I did interviews and tv and radio in my last job but without a doubt the journalist was the worst as he was constantly trying to change your words, so i think you did so well getting through it all!!! :)

    Hope your consultant will now treat you with a little bit of favouritism! I did voluntary exams for the student doctors and stayed one night till 8pm, i was really, really bad after it, did he remember me, not a chance lol.!!

    Cant wait to see the results, brilliant stuff and you have done so much good for us all by highlighting this horrid disease. hugs Axx :D

  • Such good news that RA is getting some exposure & you really sound as if you enjoyed yourself! Well done, you, I look forward to seeing the article.

    (60% remission??? Wish I attended your hospital - that sounds like a lot but maybe that's normal!)

    Luce x

  • Well done Shell:-))

  • Hi Michelle Well done!! I knew you could do it, Sounds like you had a great time, all dressed up as well, I can't wait to see the article, Chat Soon XXX

  • Well done sounds like you had " grand day out " as Wallace would say thank you Gromet ( Michelle) well done.

  • good for you :) x

  • Thanks everyone I did it for each and everyone of you :))) to make RA more aware is the key,I hope I did a little bit today of getting it out there xxx

  • Thanks everyone I did it for each and everyone of you :))) to make RA more aware is the key,I hope I did a little bit today of getting it out there xxx

  • Thanks everyone I did it for each and everyone of you :))) to make RA more aware is the key,I hope I did a little bit today of getting it out there xxx

  • I think your computer wants to say well done to, it's respected your message twice lol XX

  • well done ,, shell .. i look forward to reading this .. great work :)))) x

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