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Little update

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melsamoo1 Year Smoke Free

Had a pants few weeks first had a cold then went to dentist to have a good clean who found a hole in tooth under the gum (it didnt hurt) had filling then toothache for a week for the dentist to take the tooth out which as frustrating because liike i say it didn't hurt before she touched it. On the mend now though. Still going strong and still pushing it at the gym. 4.5 months quit now and i still cannot believe ive done it. Hugely proud of myself

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HercuValued Contributor

Super Melsamoo....Yes, bit by bit wa are one the road to be ourselves again...Good for you keeping up the gym work...

You can really now start to believe in yourself as a non smoker !!!

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melsamoo1 Year Smoke Free in reply to Hercu

The gym is my new addiction. I love it and the feel good lasts alot longer than a cig. Although i dont even really remember a cig making me feel good. I do feel so much better now. It takes me only a few mins to destress now where as before id be on it for hours probably fuelled by the cigs. Im definitely happier without them.

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Great to read an update from you melsamoo and that you are plodding along nicely - I hear ya about the dentist - always the way when you go for a check up painless and leave with pain :D At least sorted now!

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