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12 days nicotine clean

I'm on my 12th day and feeling great. I am using expired 14 MGM patches but I don't care. I do get craves to smoke but they pass. I know if I have one puff I will be right back smoking. I just keep saying to myself "say no to drugs". I think about all the drug addicts out there and the super killer drug fentanyl and how people risk getting high to just possibly die. So I quit smoking and it is hard but I want to see grandchildren one day😌👍

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Well done Dollydon😃 nearly two weeks!! Keep up the good work 😊😊😊

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Fast approaching 2 weeks , that is a real achievement. Just keep plodding on. I fell foul of the 'one puff will be OK' the last time I relapsed. I went from one puff back to smoking at previous levels literally within hours. Even 7 months on, I know that one single puff will be my undoing.

Stick with it. One day at a time. 😊

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