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Checking in

Hi Folks,

Just checking in. Still free :) Mum is doing OK so far and been signed off work for a few weeks which is good. Her Dog is still not great with an uncertain future but she is at home with my Mum and Brother with tons of drugs so fingers crossed they help.

I am pretty happy in my quit (apart from looking longingly at my mum smoking and not even realising I was doing it!) and looking forward to going down to the step 3 patches as the step 2 are mega irritating on my skin.

I hope everyone is having a good week and enjoys a good weekend.

Debs :)

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Great to hear you are doing so well. Sorry to hear about her dog, fingers crossed things will be OK.

I sometimes look at husband smoking in the same way as you look at your Mum.

Keep going strong. You are nailing it!

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Isn't wonderful to be smoke free, and doing it, with great style

Your plan is working welll, and hoping the drop in patch is ok for you.

Family upsets are always difficult times, but indeed it's lovely to be reading, you are focused.


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