No Smoking Day
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Another day done, treats and savings

I,m talking cash, after doing my sums, and because I'm grown up I'm allowed a ball point pen, (not wax crayons for me any more) have saved in ecsess of £200 hundred this month, now as my ball point pen, and grown up paper are attached to the board in my kitchen, I'm having a treat, so for me it's new fruit trees.

Such a lot of money, don't you think.

Now what treats if any have or are you going to have .

Just have to keep going

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I've been splurging on higher end skin care and makeup with the money I save. Trying to undo a bit of the damage smoking did to my skin, and make myself feel better too. Look good to feel good, as they say. I never could afford the "good stuff" before, so it really is a treat. I also order it online, so it's like a present from me, to me, arriving every week😜


Hi Tracey - well done!

I'm only 5 days in (but after smoking for 25 years is a BIG achievement for me!).

I have a bottle of prosecco in the fridge for my 1 week anniversary , a spa break for one month and a new car for 6 months...

Do you mean fruit trees that you plant in the garden lol? :)



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