Update withdrawal symptoms

These few days were great. I think drinking teas and water really helped me with craving as well as the oats recipe for quitting smoking. The symptoms I have now are : energy swing, sometimes headache, and boredom. I'm trying to treat boredom with new hobbies like drawingand sculpting.

I'm only afraid that I will relapse during finals but I'll do my best to keep anixaity away

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  • Hello.

    Well done for getting this far.

    The new symptoms you describe are all normal - especially the boredom part. Once the novelty of quitting has worn off, you are left with the slow plodding along. Try not to think too far ahead. Just concentrate on the here and now.

  • Good to read an update from you anlush - you are almost at your first huge milestone of 1 week - work on a nice treat for yourself, it deserves recognition.

    Yeah, you need to take one day at a time and be ready to attack at all times as the mental battle has begun now :)

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