No Smoking Day



Edition [8]


Summer is almost over for many of us and shockingly the kids are back to school here in Ireland, every year it seems to go by much quicker and as usual the obligatory Indian Summer arrives 8-)

To Nozmo and Trem still on their holiers, enjoy it and stay safe Nozmo on that bicycle made for two!

Well done to all of us for overcoming the summer struggles and triggers, it has been tough but we got through it!

**SOS POST REMINDER******listen-up-listen-up-help-is-here.....please-read*******please-read***


Is going to a post I shared during the week and is worth a read for all our members:


No new Lions or Lionesses this week which is brilliant that we are over our relapse phase, long may this continue....

Special mention to car-d, we look forward to seeing you both back on your journey real soon....


Congratulations to each and everyone on reaching their milestones this week, keep going strong!

1 Day


1 Week

dmt09 & Wilcombebolger

1 Month

BevJk Lenny, Silentecho1189 ExZippo, Delboy

50 Days


3 Months

Putter & mash59

100 Days

Andrewquits , Madzoya

6 Months

Levs , Joe2, jg2710

Special Mentions to

Just a shout out to Thin Lizzy, Tracey, Hercu and Jean, hope you all are doing good and just busy..... give us an update when you get a chance :)

New Members

Huge welcome to Wilcomdebulger, dmt09, tucksy, Gillyo66 zepplin to our community. We look forward to reading your progress and sharing your quit journey with us.

To Jessica & Satfa we look forward to your introductory posts telling us your story

To Ilovemyfamily12, Adam, Roubz, Zepplin and Gilly, we will be ready and waiting for you all to begin your amazing journey here with us.


None this week

(Anyone who has not provided their birthday or any other celebration can do so by replying to his post)

Other Celebrations

Bev – celebrated her 7th Wedding Anniversary – congratulations!!


To Putter and C/Tracey on the emotional struggle of reaching 3 months, you both are doing great, keep it up!!


*NB* Reminder to ensure security and privacy in our posts and only allow our community to view posts especially with personal information like pictures. (See pinned post on Security guidelines for clarification)

Come Join us!!!

To all our new members and lurkers, please come and join us on this wonderful journey, YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Suggestion Box

All suggestions/feedback welcome and anything else that can be improved on the community .

Song of the Week

2 Songs this week – end of Summer one and a holiday inspired song courtesy of Nozmo!

- Always sums up my summer and reminds me of warm summer evenings enjoying being alive, sitting out, sipping on cool beers – listened to this album during the first of our good weather back in May, my first time in years, enjoying the hot sun rays, smoke free, hmmmm.......... I seen Neil Young live at Slane back in 1993, what a concert.... 

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Another great round up Roisin, I was right with the song guess, class and made me smile, I too was also at Slane for Neil Young, remember it like yesterday, it was a scorcher of a day and Neil was prefect for it......


Haha, guilty pleasure liking that song :D Thanks for sharing and my new 1 month badge, delighted and doing good, just taking one day at a time....


Great post as usual Roisin, thanks!


Another great news round, great to have our very own DJ aswell, great song choices again! :D


Thanks for the 1 month badge Roisin, happy to get this far, just have to keep going.....


Thanks roisin. I'm back today (4th September)!! I have my supply of Fox's glacier fruits and nicotune patches to help me succeed

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