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No Smoking Day
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One month

Today is day 31 and so I think I can officially say that I have been quit for one month. It is a glorious day which makes it a shame to be at work, but generally I am still feeling good about my quit. Out for some drinks tomorrow evening with work colleagues which will definitely be a challenge. For now though I am just pleased to have so far avoided the trap of thinking that "just one" will be ok. That approach, where you use some twisted logic to justify the fact that you want a smoke, has done for me many times before - not this time though. Seeing all of you guys like Hercu, Roisin and Nozmo, who are many months ahead of me in your quits really spurs me on to keep my quit going. Cheers and here is to the next month!

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Ah great post Fordy, huge congratulations on your first huge milestone of 1 month. You really are an inspiration and have worked extremely hard and so want to be free.   

I have no doubt you will reach all your milestones, keep it up and thank you all your support, positivity and advice you have brought to the forum over the last month...

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Cracking post Fordy, chuffed for you getting to a month. Worth all that hard work!

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This is indeed, fantastic news, a whole month, your hard work, determination, are starting to pay dividends to your body.

May I say a very positive post, to all those following in your steps, 

In my little black book it says, enjoy having a few beers tomorrow, and although a challenge, I have every faith you will still be smoke free Friday.

I so hope a little treat is to  be had

Not least, but last, a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS, well done you Fordy 


Well done Fordy, One month done. Keep going :-) 

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