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Hurdles ahead

Hey all, hope you're all doing well. I've only come on for a bit of a moan lol! It's one month today for me and I'm so pleased, it's been pretty plain sailing. This week has been an absolute bugger though, I'm under so much stress at work, I'm tired to the point of falling asleep in meetings, but have too busy a schedule to actually go to sleep lol and for some reason all of this stuff has caused me to think about cigarettes/cravings which I haven't done for most of my quit so far. I think the next few days are going to be challenging! Oh well, I must march onwards but I feel better for admitting my guilty thoughts lol. I guess focusing on fixing work and then getting some sleep will help. Thanks for listening x

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I think you are doing great.  However much stress you are under just keep telling yourself that cigarettes won't, in any way lessen it.  They won't reduce the amount of stress and because you would likely hate yourself for smoking, could make it worse.   You have done so well and you are worth more than smoking.  Keep going, you know you can do it.


Wow - a month. Sounds like you are doing brilliantly. I understand the tiredness thing though - I seem to be exhausted all of the time at the moment. My hope is that in a month or two the tiredness thing will have passed and I will be feeling more energetic and smoke free for the summer! Keep on going - you guys who are ahead of us in our quits are a major inspiration to the rest of us


Hello, my lovely, this is the right place to put your thoughts and emotions,   The tiredness will pass, it's part of our adjustment to being smoke free, nicotine is a powerful drug,, but my word your showing whose boss, and may I say in great style.

Doing fantastic, many many people would love  to be where you are, doing amazing .

In my book it says a little treat is in order, doing amazing

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Thanks for a nice positive post Toni....The reward is that it becomes easier as time passes...Strongs !!


Hey Toni, wayhey on 1 month, that is great!   With regards the stress at work, I promise you will get through smoke free, when I quit, we were in the middle of a redundancy process with half our department gone in October which meant I was under severe pressure with taking on additional work, but got through it and you will too.    Strongs xx


all doing amazing. 

my tiredness lessoned in the past few days. after being like you at work.

lots of water helped, as well as going to bed as early as poss and sleeping for as long as I could.

good luck you are all inspiring :-)


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