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No Smoking Day
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12 days and all is well

I thoroughly enjoyed my birthday celebrations yesterday, even though I had a bit too much to eat and drink, I didn't smoke and that's the best birthday gift I gave myself.  i never thought I could enjoy myself without those white cancer sticks, how wrong I was,  I'm suffering a bit with a bad chest but I guess that's par for the course at this stage, clearing out the gunk.  I do feel more alert though and my mouth doesn't feel like a dustbin and I feel cleaner. The lost feeling is disappearing too so all in I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself.

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How wonderful, just home from work, and was only thinking how you got on.

So pleased a good day was had, doing amazing, brilliant, another trigger dealt with😀👍


Hey Jean, was also thinking about how you got on and delighted to read it went so well for you!

Yeah, take the bad chest as a good sign that your lungs is clearing out (try vapourizing with vicks or eucalyptus to help lift it)

Keep up the good work and positive attitude....

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Hey Abuela....Happy birthday and so happy for you...You have seen the light at the end of the tunnel and it is definitely not a train coming...You have got reason to be chuffed with yourself...Well done !!


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