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Gradual reduction?

So as most of you know, I suck at quitting. My will power gets me so far through the day then I break. I then tend to panic smoke thinking 'if I make myself feel sour enough, tomorrow will be easier'. So today was the same as any, I didn't smoke all day. I managed to push through 3 hours of being at home after work without one and then after dinner, boom. The nicodemon came and beat me. I'm thinking over the next couple of weeks trying gradual reduction. Starting from 3 - 2- 1- 0. By the 1smoke/evening I was thinking (hoping) that I may not think of that smoke all that often. I know Allen Carr and most other quit gurus say abstinence is better than temperance, but this is pretty much the only angle I've not tried. Thoughts? Anyone or know of anyone that has managed to kick it through reduction?

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Ash whatever you are doing, if it's working for you. Carry on.

The quit business is not black and white. What works for me may not work for you and vice versa

Ultimately I think you are just prolonging the suffering because you keep doing it but it's never done.

I've been there, I've done it all along until 14 Sept 2015 @ 19:00.

So I end up suffering for a ridiculous 4 years because I wasn't able to stick to my decision.

I'm nor suffering now...I did suffer a lot for 47 days, now it's done

I am still a smoker, but I chose not to smoke... I can do it easily now because I chose to suffer once for all and get it done with.


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Ash, if I was going to try it like this I would try it VERY gradually, maybe a few days or a week at three cigarettes, then down to two for the same time period etc...until you reach zero after a few weeks. That way you'll have adapted more and maybe learned to cope with a few trigger points by the time you by the time you get to full abstinence​.

Mmaya you mentioned in another post that your husband went from 40 cigs a day to 5. Quite a remarkable reduction that! Did he have any tricks or techniques that could be used here?


Yes Nozmo he did, I am great at nagging LOL I wrecked his head every day all day long, I think at this stage, he cant even enjoy the cigarette anymore just thinking abt all the nagging he is going to get afterwords LOL - true story! :)


I think that's what I need mmaya! Can I give you my direct number!! Haha! ;) I have ALOT of smoking friends. Most of them actually. Mum and dad smoke and some of the family too. Boyfriend doesn't but I can't talk to him about my quit as he sees it as stupid and doesn't understand why I struggle to quit at all, he's very black and white. I tell my friends I'm quitting and all I get in response is a roll of the eyes and a sarcastic 'okay then'. Bacci everywhere I turn, except for in work and i can get through the day no problem.

I'm sorry you guys, I know I'm feeling sorry for myself. Mmaya, you're right. I need to get my butt in gear and head in the game. These lung pains are not going to cure themselves and for some stupid reason they haven't scared me out of smoking.

Tonight Im going smoke my last fag. Excuse my language but I ******* declare it! Sick of doing the woe is me poor little smoker act. Any sarcastic eye rolls or 'are you sure you don't want one' will receive two fingers stuck up at them.

Tough love completely accepted and greatly received for the upcoming tough times!


That's the spirit Ash, go for it. Grab it by the baahls! as we say on Tyneside.

Mmaya, I think you're missing your true vocation in life. Wonderful reply!


Ash my lovely, if quitting was easy there wouldn't be so many smokers in the world :)

Here's my advice, I don't think you are ready yet.

Think first why do you want to smoke. I reached the scary stage of going for lung cancer screening and I had to do 3 plus months of antibiotics - long term recurring lung infection.

Are you going to wait for that?!

If you enjoy smoking, keep smoking.

If you don't, think why you don't.

I become disgusted by the smell of it and thought myself to pity the smokers - my apologies in advance - I'm not trying to offend anyone, this was my technique.

Everytime I saw a smoker I observed, never saw one that looked like he/ she was enjoying it.

I decided I'm not following the herd, I stopped.

It's hard, very hard, so then I decided must get it done once for all.

Anything in the way there's always a solution.

Water, natural supplements, the forum, kalms, sleep it out, walk the end, the moral is, I will not smoke because Im absolutely disgusted by the cigarettes....

I smoke for 28 years, started at 12 years of age!!!

I am 40. I've tried inumerous amounts and always failed...or did I?!

It's all part of the process, some take longer than others yo get there.

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Nozmo my vocation is nagging?! Lol tell me something new pls lol


My lungs ache and have done for nearly a year, I've been to scans, had antibiotics, pills that coat your throat and stomach, heart rate monitors, blood tests, anti inflammatories for something the docs call costochondritis. They tell me it will ease by itself. But it goes away when I go a while without smoking cigarettes... Funny that. I feel great, confident and stupidly... Relaxed. I've thought I'll be fine now. It won't matter if I have one.

I'm hating on the disgusting habit right now because I'm sore. but God knows what my mind will tell me tomorrow. The thought of becoming ill through something that is SO SELF INFLICTED scares the life out of me, but so does the constant mental nagging of the weeks to come... Ridiculous in comparison.

I will do it. Killing yourself over a slight bit of relaxation is the height of idiocy.

Excuse me while I go stickie note my house with everything I have just written in preparation :)


Ash, I had to do research to learn abt the health condition you mentioned because I sincerely never heard of it. Very similar symptoms to what I have, you do have a reason to stop, grab onto it.


Let's go! Can't wait to see your post tomorrow ;) strongs buddy!


Hi Ash,

Please have a read - this makes TOTAL sense to me.


Good article! Exactly my point better written... It's killing you slowllllllllly! Might as well just die! Xxx


In deed may I say, loving your determination, in my book that's fantastic, we all as said above have different approaches, to say, I have a similar pattern to is is a mirror image, never ever smoked at work the moment I leave, it's there thoughts of smoking, and realise it is indeed partial habit, so may be a change go for a walk, do what ever is needed.

Good luck


I actually quit using a variation of gradual reduction.

Instead of reducing the amount of cigarettes I smoke (which my personal experience proved to be ineffective, at least for me) I had designated no-smoking days.

This week put aside one day, make it a day you are more or less free, for example Sunday. This is only one day that you won't smoke. Tomorrow you can smoke as much as you want.

Important part is for you to spend this day noticing how your body feels. Feel how your lungs are clearing up, feel the warmth returning to your feet and hands, feel how that extra air gives you what feels like unlimited power. You might get withdrawal symptoms but understand that they are also positive. Its your body adjusting to run more efficiently and better.

As the next day comes, when you smoke the first cigarette notice how it tastes, imagine how that smoke goes into your lungs and starts clogging up them, notice how this first smoke feels like a weight has been put on you and ask yourself "Why should I smoke?" Do this during the whole week and come weekend - make two days no-smoking day.



cigarettekills, that's a very interesting take on the quit.

I have never tried it but I can understand why it would work.

You are practicing and learning how to resist a craving...that's actually interesting.


Gazzabsa, that article is just reading everything I know to be true but didn't want it to be. Thank you though, reading it has opened my eyes to it again.

Cigarettekills, I like the thought of that approach. When staying with my partner, I don't even think about smoking. I don't smoke around him whatsoever. The feeling is great. I think using your method, I would extend the time periods so after I leave him to go home I'll try designating a day where I don't smoke in the week. Increase the times where I enjoy being free.

Thank you for your help all x


Good luck with whatever approach you use, Ash, but gradual did not work for me, The only people I know who seem to me able to control their smoking are friends who always smoked very infrequently and the habit was never part of their life.


AshSmash, it sounds like you have the right attitude. Most important, don't forget to enjoy the process. :)


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