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Day 4 WOBBLED..... But didn't fall

Day 4 - WOBBLED but didn't fall!

Thank goodness I stumbled across this page. I am cold turkey new year resolution and was doing ok until this afternoon, bit crotchety and coughing like anything

when a craving turned into asking hubby for a puff which I then turned down he then went out leaving fags on the side I was struggling so a quick google on day 4 issues and I found this page,2 hours later and I no longer want a fag and have got loads of hints.

I have taken on 3 challenges this new year but all with the aim of helping me to become a non smoker. Give up fags, drink 2l water a day and walk 10k steps a day. So far so good thanks for the page no doubt I will become a regular over next few weeks/months

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Day 4 already and sounds like you are getting the hang of this no smoking malarkey. Not very fair of your husband to leave smokes on the side when you are trying to quit?

Sounds like 2016 is a new and healthy year for you, stay strong and keep going and I am sure you will be successful.

If you ever need a bit of encouragement, don't forget to post, we are all in the same boat here.



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