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Round 2 - Day 3

Hi Guys

I remember this forming being really helpful when I last quit for a year between Mar 2014 and Mar 2015.

Unfortunately even all that time I am here.... quitting again.

It may be disillusion to some that after a year the evil weed took over again, but I like to think that it was never to the same extent that it was before.

In fact - here I am on Day 3 and finding things pretty easy, physical cravings low, the thought of a cigarette has passed my mind a couple of times but the desire to quit has pushed them right out.

I tried to do Stoptober in October of last year and managed 11 days so it seems that my problems come in maintaining my quit rather than getting through the tough first few days.

I seemed to think that I could be a social smoker or just smoke on weekends.

What a big mistake that idea is, I can tell you!

So here we go, another try and I am feeling confident this time, although it is back to work and routine tomorrow so we will see what that brings!

Good luck with Day 4 everyone (New Years Quitters that is!)

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Welcome back Kirstie and well done on coming back and starting the best journey of your life again, it takes alot of courage and strength to come back fighting to win the nicodemon over. My advice to you is be 100% focused and determined that you can nail it this time, read up on what happens when you quit and how it affects you mentally and physically so you know how to deal with it, stay close to the forum and post as often as needed. Wishing you every success and look forward to reading your progress Xx


Hi Kristie....Warm welcome and and I think you are very brave to do this quit thing again.....I promised myself that I will never go trough this again because I am to much of a sissy to suffer like this again...After almost 7 months I am still tuned never to smoke again and enjoy my smoke free life so much...I am starting to adapt to this new life and knew it when we had a new years braai I was not reaching for my lighter in my top pocket but immediately asked for someones lighter to light the fire.... Stay strong and yes there is not such a thing as a social or weekend smoker.....


Hi Hercu and Rowens

Thanks very much for the messages of support. I know I can definitely do it with just a bit of encouragement.

Did not help today that one of my colleagues said that because I only lasted 11 days when I tried to quit last time that she would see me outside in a month!

Probably just insecure and jealous because she can't hack it but I don't need that negativity!

I hope you are both having great smoke free days!



Heya Kirtsie,

Ignore her like you said " Probably just insecure and jealous because she can't hack it"

Stay true remember the date and in a month remind her of the convo!!!

Day 5 should see you feeling waaaaaay better , I certainly do (Touch wood) lol


Hi Kirstie

I had a similar experience with a work colleague when I first quit and it is just they have no emotional attachment to your quit - don't let anyone like that bring you down and surround yourself with positive people only as it is very important for our quits. I found and still find it a great feeling watching my work colleagues coming back in from a smoke stinking, cold and miserable, we are not those people anymore, horray!! Keep strong, you are doing great!


Rubbing in is good, I wish I could influence her to quit too though.

Day 5 and feeling amazing, full of energy! Trying to keep myself very busy, been for a run (I can finally breathe!)

I hope that you guys have had a positive day too.


Oooh some people, eh?

Kirstie you know you can do this - ignore the negative nancy at work! You know the ropes, but I'd say stick to the forum and stay positive :) So great that you're feeling amazing! I remember being so excited about noticing the great new feelings - massive pat on the back to you :)

Best wishes and suchlike x


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