Hey everyone 🙋 5 till one month smoke free

Hello everyone I'm back off my jolly holiday and wait for it............................... I'm still smoke free !!! 💪🚭 yes that's right I still have not had one single cigarette don't get me wrong there were times on holiday that I could have had one but I stayed strong hope everyone is well and keeping up the good work like me sounds great that I'm 5 days away from 1 month how good is that x

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  • Welcome back girl. Well done, that's very good going. You've gone through the worst. It will only get easier now... I'm ready to party in 5 days time ;)

  • Congrats. Glad for the good news.

  • Excellent Sarah.....Very well done and looking forward to that one month milestone !!

  • Well Done Sarah, looking forward to the party!!

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