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starting day 4

Hello Folks, So day 3 started very well. was at work, all was good. mood and cravings well under control. So I was then stuck with this older co-worker who likes to talk AT you rather than too you? and it set of a bad craving lol its always been a pet peev of mine people who blab blab and expect you to really care after 20 minutes of me me me me me rude.

So I was driving home and couldn't shake it. THEN I get into an argument with my brother....texting me all sorts of blah blah and I started feeling knots in my stomach. like cravings big time. So I went up tescos just to get out of the house. Deep breathing around tescos and I got home and it passed.

I am having the odd thought of ' oh smoke the ecig, whats the harm' and 'oh just smoke, you like it really' and I have to keep that goal....waking up in the hotel not craving in december. Feel my warm hands where my circulation is back to normal and remind don't like smoking or you wouldn't have even quit for one day, let alone now 4! day 4,5,6,7 is always worst for me. So my relapse prevention plan is as follows -

Mornings are worse so everyday this week I have something I need to get up and go to, even if its just a yoga class at 11am sunday....up and out! I find being at uni or work easier than at home right now.

Drink lots of water and herbal teas.

Have a shot of vodka for an instant 'ahhhh' fix if REALLY desperate.

God get me though this first month and ill be ok. I am ok, just need to get to bed an get this day done with now.

Night xxxx

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I just had a laugh at your post...I remember writing something very similar.... And instead of the vodka, I wanted to twist someone's neck sloooowly, anyone would do lol alcohol is a bad idea because it impairs you from making the right decision.the water, sleep it off and the teas... Great... That's exactly what I've done myself. Going to tesco wouldn't work for me because they sell fags there, I'm still not going to any shops other than lidl because lidl doesn't sell cigarettes. You are doing great! Remember walk away...whatever it is...just walk away and sleep it off

Stay strong!


Nikki, I think you're taking this quit like a pro and you are here for the long run. Like myself and the majority of us here, we've done it so many times that it's just embarrassing have the knowledge and knowledge is power, for all the rest there will be a plan, you know what's coming. I'll be here all the way with you.


LOL I totally agree. at one point back in 2013 every week I had quit smoking, relapsed, and next week back again. I think people begged me to stop bothering in the end! lol I know myself and Im sticking with my no matter what, no cigarette rules. Wether I have to eat, chew gum, smoke an ecig, have a shot of vodka, have a crack pipe (jokes)...whatever it wont be a cigarette.


if you replace the crack with a set of 20 slow deep breaths and the vodka with a full glass of cold water, it will make it easier for you.seriously!


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