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Day 3 again!!


Well here I am on day 3 again, would have been on day 14 if I hadn't caved at day 10, I must admit I'm finding it harder the inner voice is telling me to go to the shop and the odd smoke will make me feel better. I will not give in but I'm feeling extremely tired and sluggish today also had a bad nights sleep and my concentration is pretty poor, I want to be me again I'm fed up of feeling horrible and this last 2 weeks has been a roller coaster.

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I know what you mean

Zero concentration...that's why I'm on here when I should be doing my job.

Maybe we should remind ourselves that all these weird feelings, physical and mental, are temporary.

Non smokers don't feel like this and eventually neither will we

You can do it Claire. You are choosing not to smoke. See it as an experiment.

It it Gillian Riley who says..remember you can smoke at any time.

And embrace the bad feelings as it is only making you stronger

At work apologies if my Gillian Riley paraphrasing is not quite correct!

You got this claire. You made the right choice by coming back here. Stay strong :)

HercuValued Contributor

Claire.... I knew you will push threw ..Strongs !!!!!!!

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