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REWARDS...How do you reward yourself ?...:)


Hey all, just wondering what sort of rewards people give themselves as i'm a big self rewarder ( reward = pleasure = dopamine surge = motivation/happiness )

Im just into my 4th month of not smoking, hence have saved $1634 not smoking...(acccording to my quit buddy..)

ive bought a few bits along the way but then decided to buy myself a new laptop last weekend which i feel is sooo excessive but i really feel i deserve it...99 days today!!!!!!

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Hi Melli

My husband and I have regular discussions about issues relating to smoking, he is not quite ready yet but I'm working on it and he supports me nevertheless.

Our latest discussion is when we travel overseas we were both aware of between 12-18 hrs of smoke depravation to look forward to, strangely enough the fear of not being able to have a cigarette did not materiaze itself to the expected extent.

What is going on there do you have any explanations for this unexpected outcome, we have taken the trips many times in the past with the same outcome, to top it all both my husband and I would strive to rush to the next smokers area available no matter what to go and puff on a smoke we actually did not really physically want but rather had been an aim than a purpose, do you have any clues ? Xx

Hi this the first time you will travel being a non smoker?

When we are chronic smokers our entire time is spent planning how we will fit in our smokes...we often do this subconsciously, our brains try to organise events to make sure we get re fueled with the goods it wants...hence when we are faced with a potential situation where we definitely cant smoke for a long period of time, our brains perhaps panic a little and with any anxiety, adrenaline is released into the system and we go into fight or flight mode on the situation at hand....hence some people will just give in to the fact (flight) "ah well theres nothing i can do...will just have to suffer it and then have extra smokes when i can after"...other people may go into (fight).."This is no good, need to resolve the problem, stock up with nicotine patches and sprays etc for the journey...".

all the best x

Im still a smoker - but when i quit last time i started out with small things (shoes), then saved the rest for an ipad.

99 days, fantastic and well done.

Its funny you have asked that question as I've just come back from the dentist.

I'm having some (slighly unnecessary) expensive dental treatment and paying monthly the same amount I would have spent on cigarettes!

This does two things for me, gets my dopamine levels up BUT also commits me to non smoking both financially and heath wise, as my dental treatment will fail if I start smoking.

Well, in for penny, in for a pound.

Oh Bernie lee...i love it....the slightly unnecessary bit especially...thats what i find i do...i think my guilt for smoking has gone on so long, i hardly spent a penny on myself and now i just feel the need to buy myself things that i want rather than need...Lol..maybe i will turn into one of those shop aholics now..:) ...

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