No Smoking Day
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Don't worry, Failure is key to success (Inspirational)



I know people are mentally so disturbed , and specially here haha But everyone here is doing great job and is distinguished in his thinking patterns.

But let me tell you Some thing amazing .... Solution to all problems of you guys, and things which are still boosting me on my first day to my 1000th day

I had gone 365 days but unsuccessful. Why did i smoke back, i feel so bad about it that i would be rather in my 600s now.. YES that motivation .....

Motivation is the thing that always act as law of attraction. To make long facts short and interesting.....

Don't take my story negatively , I smoked again just because of bad company, abusive gathering (lolz) . That pushed me back to the life of nicotine ,drugs, bla, bla.

I must say ..... There was something very interesting in my life after 365 days of quiting that i wanted to share. Yes it is reason that makes me want to quit again..

Quit Day and so on

reason 1 :- I was so happy , Energetic ,feeling of freedom just after 14 days ... If you want to feel earlier then it is also possible.

reason 2 :- I started to become physically active. Concentration become better . Again feeling of achievement run over your whole body. till the end of 3rd month.

reason 3:- negative thoughts introduced, If not busy would probably think that my memory had weekened or bla bla bla and much more bla.

reason 4:- negative thoughts slowed down sometime and sometime paced up. Now feeling of uselessness i hope u understand this. (5 and 6th month).

Actually i would cope up these all psychological and psychical problems when introduced till the end of year with different methods.

In the END OF YEAR I made it and celebrated , had not drinked but throwed alot of fun parties , everyone was smoking and i was not . I was feeling like the king of party ... (secretively).

after that day my life seemed to me very satisfying ;) .

I was happy tension free, intelligent , smart ,talkative , Good looking ,more confident till next 6 months and then i thought to light a Cig willfully after my college result day.. But Sad now time changed again.

All i learned from my experience and a true jewel for you guys is that never look upon changes in your self as it make everything difficult. Don't observe yourself day by day even you are getting well.

It will be much easier to spend a whole year without looking back and judging yourself, Its better that to say F^^^ when you crave and say ain't iam easy for this sh8t.

If i stopped then stopped no more looking back , no more company, Iam not controlled by my brain. Iam the one who controls this stupid brain. Induce hatred against this **** as every day pass. Do enough opposition to this stuff that your upcoming newborns even hate it and this is what will motivate you for whole life.. .


​ exsmoker = Normal person after 1 year , But normal person is abstained from feeling of cig**** for whole life and you will live with very very little feelings toward it...

So if you want to go for marathon then prepare yourself mentally,emotionally, And physically.



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