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Day 6 ...... feeling cravings more than ever today .....eeeeeekkkkkk

Well hello - i have found this page for some support - I have previously in the past given up smoking with the help of nicotine patches and continued my quit for 8 years and for some dumb (and I mean very dumb) reason started again 4 years ago ..... well after hating myself for past couple of years 6 days ago I embarked back on my quit with the help of no nicotine replacement aids ....... all good and am trying to wake up forgetting i ever gave into the evil monster again ....... well today is tough ...... I will stay strong ... I have been coughing and this has prompted my quitting again now - and I feel sooooooooo much better - the nasty cough disappearing and not troublesome and i feel more energised - just need to keep focussed so registered here for some like minded people ..... well thank you for reading - craving gone :-) x

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Hi there. Welcome. And congratulations on 6 days cold turkey. I can only compare to that length of time being a non-smoker to a time before I smoked ever. One of my sisters who has not smoked for 10 years at least, tells me she could easily smoke again, she just has that feeling/sensation all the time. But virtually all the time it is just a barely noticeable niggle. The strongest test was when our father died at Christmas but still she did not succumb.

A new day and a different time with a past experience under your belt to make you even stronger this time. And a good place to come here for support and community.

What do we call you? Shazbog or Shaz? Or?


Hi Walkabout

Thanks for the words of support ........ today a real real struggle ..... i'm just eating chocolate eek!!!! You can call me Shaz/Sharon and thanks again for the words of support - i could become a regular visitor :D


Yes, stay with it. Clearly a challenge to beat for you these first few days cold turkey. I've put on a stone in weight in 3 months, which I'm okay about..........for now. Chocolate, and some beer. Hmm.


Hi Sharon and welcome. Congrats on your 6 days and sorry your having such a time with it today. I also went CT and found that first week difficult. I just crossed the month mark and I can honestly say the 'niggles' as Walkabout calls them :-) are still there, but not near as intense. So it will get better:)

Hang in there, try with all your might to occupy your mind with anything other than smoking and the niggle will fade!. Maybe try odd things, like singing your favorite song (to yourself of course:-) or think about a favorite event you attended and see if you can recall all the names of the other people that where there. I know that sounds silly, but sometimes I found those kind of things actually worked for me. Of course, there is the slight chance you'll get that stupid song stuck in your head and begin to regret that decision:eek: or you get hung up on that one person, where you can see their face, but damned if you can remember their name – its maddening:) but I'd rather have that then be thinking about a cigarette:D


First week is definitely the hardest, but I guess you already know this as you have quit before. Drink water, suck mints, sing, dance, read anything to take your mind off the cravings. Keep posting


Sharon, hello :)

Visit often - it's so helpful just to express how the first while feels, it has kept me on track nicely...or even just reading previous posts to remind myself what it's all about!

I LOVED how quickly my energy increased those first few weeks - it was a revelation.

Welcome aboard, I reckon you can nail it! x


Well thanks for all the support everyone .......I managed to get through yesterday but really really found it a struggle and today is worse :rolleyes:


Hi Sharon

Welcome to the support site, there is one thing in your favor posting here is that we are all doing the same thing, so we absolutely can relate to your feelings, It is a very difficult thing to do but, with help and support I'm sure that eventually we will succeed. Look forward to your next post keep strong


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