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6 weeks today

Been out on a coach trip today with our local ladies club, some of whom are smokers. Before setting off all the smokers were all stood outside frantically puffing away before boarding. My friend sitting next to me being one of the smokers. Within 10 minutes of leaving I was asked if we would be taking a comfort stop on the way to our destination, Benidorm, only just over an hour away, when the answer was no, I could feel her agitation. After arriving out came the cigs and the relief for her and other smokers was so noticeable. Just a short 6 weeks ago I was in one of those poor souls too. I enjoyed the coach ride so much more now my mind was not wondering how long I would have to wait for my next fix. Life is so much better without smoking. I don't envy my smoking friends.

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No for many of us it does indeed take us a while, to grab the bull by the horns, so to speak, before trying to quit the smokes.

But penny drops and we realise it does nothing for us, that is except a early grave.

Your doing brilliant, many people behind you, would love to be where you are today.

Doing fantastic, galloping to the whole 2 months, magic


A nice post. And a great feeling that, not being envious of others still smoking. Congratulations on getting to the six weeks point.


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