Roll on 6 Months

Roll on 6 months, because at 5 months and a day off ye olde cancer sticks, still finding it a little tricky,

No plans to quit quitting soon, but jeez I'm sure life never chucked as much crap my way when I smoked.

No way is smoking going to make current issues any better, but just sometimes that little pesky thought that it might, needs a good swat.

Best wishes to all, roll on the day when it was all just a distant memory !

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  • What a pants time your having, but for me can honestly say after the 6 month mark indeed my quit changed and found to be much easier.

    Better times ahad I,m sure.

    Doing a grand job, hold tight to your quit, so hope tomorrow is a better one for you.

  • Thanks Tracey, and I'm sure you are right.

    I,m chuffed where I've got to and hope to get further

  • Just wondering on this, Andrew. I know I am doing this quit - my final and successful one - due to something that life threw at me, but there are some other big things being thrown as well over the past few weeks. I know it's coincidence, but I look back to my last 3 months of being a smoker, and stress things coming my way were just not as big as the recent ones. Uncanny.

  • Here here Andrew, I know exactly what you mean. My mind tells me the same, I am constantly trying to rewire it though to the new way of thinking. ... the right way!

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