Last day

Well unbelievably this is my last day in this room. Tomorrow I move to month 2. One whole calendar month without the evil weed. Seems like only yesterday I fearfully signed up to this forum. I know it's a bit quiet on here but it's still been a tremendous help being here knowing that others are fighting the same battles and still offering support. can't wait to see what my new room will be like.

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  • Just amazing , I do hope your treating yourself.

    Brilliant doing fantastic

  • Well done Spanish eyes, so good to see you moving on yo your next room so quickly. Tell me, how do you feel about your quit going forward now compared to a month ago?

  • It's definitely easier now. The first week was a battle for sure and I've had a few really bad days but I am feeling more confident now.

  • Hey Spanish

    Month 2 room already, great going. See you there x

  • Congratulations spanish eyes. The new room is well-earned. Keep it up

  • Well done to you, I hope it is as welcoming as month 1, will see you there in a few weeks, enjoy

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