No Smoking Day
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Day 15

Well I've got moved in to my new room today but I've had a bit of a struggle. Been very stressed about a family problem, and I did think of buying cigs, but soon talked myself out of it thank goodness but it's left me feeling vulnerable. Learning to deal with stress without cigs is difficult it's been an automatic if false solution for too many years. I'm calmer now and so glad i didn't succumb. NOPE

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Well done for resisting. Breathe and NOPE. I know what you're going through. I played tennis this morning and was thinking about smoking whilst playing!! I never thought about smoking when playing when I smoked. Crazy.:eek:


I just keep reminding myself how much calmer, more mature, more capable I feel since I stopped. So when stress rears its ugly head I'm beginning to accept that it's easier to cope with WITHOUT smoking (Never thought I'd be able to believe that!) Well done for getting through it spanish x


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