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day 37

Hello lovely people, just a quick drop in to say hi and log my 37 days. still finding it tricky at times, just like something is missing or like i have an itch but cant quite work out where to scratch if that makes sense. Still i had to actively count up my quit days so no longer counting so that is def a positive sign i think. Don't get too much time to post at the mo but

please pm me if you want any info or help, i promise to always reply. Would not have got this far without all the amazing people on this forum and are forever in your debt.

good luck to all those starting out, it really is doable and to be able to look my daughter in the eye and know that i can honestly say i really would do anything for her makes it all with while. Xxx

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great to know you stop counting after a while :D 37days is fantasic!! well done xx


Fantastic Chloe, sorry I missed your post yesterday but was suffering with migraine. Got a feeling we'll be in that Penthouse one day! x


Well done congrats :)


I missed this until this evening. Good going, and I like hearing that you're having to count the days as you've forgotten how many have passed. That's starting with me. When I get to months it will be easier!


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