7days and 20hrs!!

Here I am!!!! Been bit rocky last couple of days...but I've made it :-) feeling bit better this morning, no dreams last night and definitely lot more positive than yesterday! Knew it wasn't going to be easy so I've just gotta get my head down and persevere through the bad days!! Thank you all sooo much for your support yesterday, really does help immeasurably!! Xx

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  • yay! first week done, congratulations x

  • Yay it's a huge thing doing one week...well done you...onwards and upwards xx

  • Thanks you two!!! :-) :-) xx

  • Thanks Karri :-) def feeling loads more positive today!! I WILL BEAT THIS THING!!!! Dont think I ever realised how much it can effect your emotions, I expected anger and frustration but not how low and hopeless I felt yesterday...I know now!!

    How are you feeling today? Tablets helping yet?? I was on steroids and antibiotics over Xmas, felt like I should rattle as I walked but they did help! Xx

  • Well done alleycat here's to nailing week 2, hopefully not as rough for you x

  • First week done brilliant, keep at it you own this quit....:cool:

  • You will soon be out of your first week and have reached 8 days. Congratulations. Coming through rough days enhances the good days. So, as yesterday was not good for me, today seems infinitely better!! One hundred-fold. So far anyway, although still have hot flushes. Not sure what that's about

  • Hi alleycat,

    Great going x