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Day 10 complete

I'm now into Day 11. Today has been the most difficult so far, and that's with champix! Although I knew I wouldn't smoke, I've nibbled on sweets, biscuits, chocolate and a couple of pieces of fruit. Monday's back at work are not the best for me, and my usual distraction is no longer there. I've been feeling grouchy and tired. On my bus journey home I played several of the meditation sessions that I have on my phone, one after the other, and they have helped.

However...............I won't be smoking this evening and by the time I wake up in the morning I'll be two thirds of the way through day 11. My carbon monoxide measure at the smoking cessation clinic was 3, so it's all good :):)

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Well done you, these are the yucky days we just have to get through. Take it an hour at a time, whatever it takes to get through each crave. Sounds like you do well with meditation, I scoffed my face with sweets, lol. Hopefully tomorrow won't be as challenging. Giving up cigarettes is massive, and for sme of us it takes a massive effort, but it is SO worth it x


I'm doing both, trying to meditate and eat chocolate!...............not at the same time.


Well done, how great you will feel to hit the 2 week Mark x


You're doing great!! Know its hard but dont let the bad days phase you, just remember how far you've come! Nearly at week 2 :-) :-) xx


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