No Smoking Day
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So last night my darling husband, who always said it would be so easy to quit, and has not smoked at home for a couple of weeks now, decided to go out at 10pm to buy a pack of 10. OMG I tell you I could have killed him, he made such a big deal that he just wanted 1, anyway he came home went outside, smoked it and ha ha said it made him feel sick:eek::eek:.

I tell you though how hard knowing he has fags and they are in the house, but I've stayed strong somehow x

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That is an amazing temptation you've overcome. So well done:D


Well done, well done and thrice well done for staying strong jess! I'm properly impressed - I feel pretty secure in my quit, but I don't know how I'd cope in your shoes... You're a star :D


I am very proud of you! I would have just talked myself into having just one too...Well done.

My hubby is still smoking and there's no signs of even thinking about quitting...but I think he is kinda of feeling out of place with his fags today we went out for lunch and he had to come out into the cold to smoke while we all stayed inside having a great time. When he went back in, he said he felt like a junkie going for his fix LOL


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