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Finally back

Hi everyone, I've been missing for a while had no internet. Have done 3 of the most stressful things in the last month.

Don't know if anyone remembers but

I applied for a new job - Got it and started 2 weeks ago, its going OK not sure I'm actually cut out for managerial positions (Had to do my first telling off last week)

Moved house - it seems the house I was in was suffering from subsidence and as I rent from the council (or Housing Association) they gave me a choice, they could fix the house around us and replaster or we could move to another property around the corner; so I checked the other house out and it was so much better than the one we are in so it was a no brainer. Moving house with children is NOT recommended

Obviously if anyone remembers I split from my partner a few months back (5) and currently still having problems with him but I am slowly regaining some control back, had to do mediation with him a few weeks back, because out of the blue he decided he wanted custody of our children, I offered 50/50 and he said all or nothing, we were supposed to have 2 more sessions but he never turned up for them, but it does mean I can apply to the courts now for a proper residence order for the children.

The best news is that I'm on day 53 and I won't lie I have many a time wanted to smoke and have been very close to buying some cigarettes but I have just kept plodding along.

How is everyone else doing?

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Blimey, with all that stress you are doing really well not to smoke. It shows you are a strong person.


Wow your amazing maintaining your quit with all the problems you've had well done you. :)


Crikey super human effort with all that lot going on. Smoking wont make any of it go away, but not easy telling your brain that.

Well done and best of luck


I'm nothing special beating the smokes, it's more of a prove you wrong mentality. At the beginning of my smoke free journey the kids when I told them I was giving up they were really excited and told anyone who would listen that mummy was giving up smoking. The ex turned around and said "oh she'll probably be back on them soon so don't get to excited". So not smoking is an Up yours mate!!

If I'm truthful I would have caved in long ago but it wouldn't have made the crap go away, it wouldn't of made me feel any less guilty doing my first telling off at work or pack and up pack the boxes. I did go back up to the full strength patches and gum and the inhalator was a permenant fixture in my mouth but it is starting to feel a little better.

I have and still am very moody and irritable at times and can blow at the slightest thing and I'm hoping that's going to subside really soon, I hope so or the kids will be running away from home :-(

I'm just taking each day as it comes and mark it off the calendar as another day down and I definatly don't look to far ahead.


Day 53!!!! That's amazing and I think you ARE something special beating it - it's so difficult to do, don't play it or your strength down.

I think being irritable and moody is perfectly normal given the recent stresses you've experienced - not small things by any means.

Massive well done to you.


WOW! ...and I have been here all week saying that I am having a hard time this week.

Reading your post just put all my problems into prespective! I do not have any problems in my life! Fair play to you for staying quit!

Looks like you are determined to "clean up the house" and I am very sure you will succeed! Welcome back, I needed some company on month 2 :)


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