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Morning all!! Knew was gonna be hard when I first got up...and it was! But its eased off now (patch has kicked in) was sooo tempted to "just have one" but managed to get through and say NOPE!! Not a happy bunny today though, few issues with the other half that aren't helping but least I know can manage the 12hrs at work Ok! Hope everyone else doing better than me!! Xx

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Well done O'Malley! :)

You've made it to Day 2 despite it being tough and you should be mightily proud of yourself for that :)

Take it hour by hour, stick to the NOPE mantra and let the patches do their work. Before you know it you'll be on Day 3!

You'll have ups and downs but there will always be somebody here to help. I'm chuffed for you and I think you should give yourself a treat for what you've achieved so far :)

Jess91000 Days Smoke Free

Well done Alleycat, minute by minute, don't even look any further than that, some days you will not notice it others you will do anything to smoke, I still think about it quite a lot, using willpower I never knew existed x

well done to you alleycat. A great beginning. Just keep breathing deep:)

Well done, you're doing great. I had OH issues too each case different but someone reminded me that my quit was important and I could be selfish about it.

Big thanks everyone! Still hanging in there! Hope you all have a great day! Xx

Well done are doing great...Hope today is a better day for you...x

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