Moving tomorrow

Well as long as I don't crack in next 3 hours, will be moving into 1 month room :D:D, I honestly don't think I could have got through the last 3 weeks without all your support. Sorry if some of my posts have been rambling, boring etc, but you have no idea how much I've loved all the support, so thank you each and everyone and see you on the other side tomorrow x

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  • Jess that's excellent, well done - and thanks to you, too for providing inspiration to us newbies :)

  • Jess09 I am so PROUD of you and You should be very proud of yourself ! Well done!

  • One week to go, then one month down, I bet you can hardly believe it! :)

    Brilliant stuff Jess, you're getting the hang of it now aren't you :p

    You and all the other "not so new" quitters are going to be able to give great advice to any new quitters that register on and around No Smoking Day as it's still all fresh for you compared to us old codgers!

    I'm so pleased for you, take a bow and a round of applause :)

  • Think I will join you Jess day 22 today for me and I feel brilliant, good isn't it :)

  • Congratulations Jess. Yes, definitely an inspiration for us coming through. All the best to you, and well done.:D

  • Congratulations Jess, so pleased for you, as for your posts, ramble and rant away thTs what we are all here for, to share his experience and support each other :) xxx

  • Thank you everyone, for all your support, and good luck to everyone just behind me x

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