Here I am on day 3 but not happy. Mornings are the time I would really enjoy smoking, breakfast, coffee and a smoke sets my day, so how to beat the beast at breakfast time? I know I can change my routine during the day to try to avoid the triggers but I have to have breakfast. Anyway the sun is shining so off to walk my dog maybe I'll feel better when I come back.

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  • Get through it, and tomorrow the triggers will be weakened. You are in my mind on one of the hardest days. Remember an hour at a time and deep breathing. We are here for you x

  • Ah Spanish, those romantic feelings about smoking are hard to shift, good plan to take the dog out and get lots of lovely fresh air into those repairing lungs :) have a (((hug))) from me chuck xx

  • I tried straight in the shower and then orange juice and no coffee this morning. plus I laid in longer so didn't have much time to spare before leaving for work. I'm into Day 3 as well. It's turning out to be a challenge but I'm still with it. Just keep going and as Caroline says, deep breathing. All the best.

  • Caroline's spot on, the triggers get weaker quite quickly. I found some (first time on holiday, first time at the cinema etc) disappeared when I'd tackled them just once, others took longer, but they DO disappear....Day 3, well done!

  • Just checking everything is ok Spanish :)

    I'm sitting here patiently waiting for my Lemon Drizzle cake :)

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