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Well, I really didn't expect to be posting in quit Day 1 today. Following my not stopping on a named day 12 days ago, I decided to ease up and have a more relaxed approach to this smoking lark. So, from 20 a day three weeks ago, down to four last Thursday, two yesterday and none in the last 28 hours. I am astounded. How have I managed to get through today?

- reminding myself why I want to quit

- the champix is definitely helping

- breaking the first thing in the morning cigarette for the last two days. A large glass of orange juice helped

- engaging with this forum and the support and encouragement from people, and reading of other's experiences

- feeding my sweet tooth (I'll deal with that later)

- when I actually had the two cigarettes yesterday I wasn't enjoying them and only smoked half of each of them. Reminding myself of that today really helped when the urge to smoke was strong

- taking deep breaths (thanks for reminding me of that one Capitan)

I've been here before but as someone on here wrote, every attempt and eventually the quit are all unique. What happened last time does not have to happen this time. I hope I'm writing tomorrow evening in quit day 2. :eek:

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Awesome. C'mon, you can do this.


Thanks for the encouragement


Hi Walkabout. Good luck with your quit, taking it one day at a time is always the best way. Feeding the sweet tooth for now is a good plan as once you are well into your quit you can sort out any weight gain, also I found exercise helped as a distraction. :)


Thanks very much! I was a big exerciser but over the past eighteen months to be really honest here the smoking has taken it's toll. The last time I stopped I did the couch to 5k programme and want to get back to that.


There you go walkabout! :)

Now then, stick close by and let us help you help yourself to your forever quit. Post every day and let us know how you're doing and please, please post here if you feel you are going to smoke. By the time we've finished with you the craves should have gone :p

You can do this, and now you've started how about sticking to NOPE from this point onwards.

Great stuff! :)


I will do. And I'll try and remember to post when it gets sticky; I WILL post when it gets sticky. Thanks for the continued support.


One hour at the time for the first 3 days and one day at the time after that :) We are all on the same boat!

Well done!


Yes, it has been one hour at a time today, and counting! But pleased, very pleased. Thanks for the encouragement.


Yes, of course you can do this, and yes, want to see that post tomorrow in day 2, i fed the sweet tooth, it doesn't matter, well done x


Hey there Walkabout, you aren't alone in being a serial quitter lots of us including me have tried and then tried some more, the point is we keep trying, one day it will stick, let's make it this time :)


Well done!!!!!! X


Thanks for all the support above folks, really appreciated! I'm under six hours away from being able to post in quit day 2. It's been a challenging morning, with desires to smoke mixed with 'no, I don't want one'. Bizarre. The champix is contributing to this, but I am as well. I want to gnash my teeth frequently, a chewy, oral thing. And having hot flushes! All part of the journey.And my chest is tight, and throat sore. Apart from all that I'm good :eek:


I know the feeling too think, there's a big difference between thinking about something and wanting it....I have a pain on my head pretty bad today and can't stop thinking about ... doesn't mean I want it...

You are doing so well! just think it will not be today, it's only a few hours any way :)


Very funny about the menopause. So men do go through it as well, or is it smokers?

I will make it through today as I'm on a train for the next 3 hours and will be into day 3 by the time I get home. I just have to control my chewy face so that I don't upset my fellow passengers!😁😁


Getting that first day under your belt should give you massive confidence walkabout, particularly when you've been concerned about whether you thought you could achieve it :)

If you can do 24 hours, you can do 25 hours, and so on.

Soon you'll be saying, if I can do 6 days, I can do 7 :)

Your journey has started and your body has already started its recovery process (see the sticky at the top of the Day 1 room), all you need to do from this point forward is keep smoke and nicotine out of your system by sticking to NOPE.

I'm not going to say you can do this, I'm going to say you ARE doing this :)


Managed to not upset my fellow travellers!

And I have now achieved 48 hours! Whoop. Thanks Capitan. Yes I am doing this. Some challenges ahead. :eek:


Well done walkabout, what I find useful in mornings, as I enjoyed my morning ones before work, is setting my alarm 15 mins later, so as soon as it goes go straight into shower, so I don't have as long to sit about in mornings. Just concentrate on getting through each minute, I promise it does get easier x


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Today, 05:48 PM

That's an attractive image you have given us lol :)

I try my best :mad:


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